How to Empower Your Sales team with an AI-powered LMS


Your sales team are the frontliners of your company. They are the ones primarily accountable for driving your company’s revenue growth. It’s imperative that you offer them suitable career development opportunities through robust sales training.  

According to a study by CSO Insights, companies with a sales training function experience a 15.3% increase in win rates.   However, implementing sales enablement programs is not as simple as it appears. Despite the obvious benefits, they can be challenging to execute in practice.

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For starters, sales enablement programs often demand a significant investment of time away from the job, which can pose challenges for busy salespeople. Also, as markets and products evolve, training material has to be updated regularly to maintain relevance. All of this can be a time-consuming process.  

Nonetheless, effective sales training is a worthwhile investment to increase sales productivity. After all, the long-term benefits of a well-trained team certainly outweigh the short-term costs and challenges.

As tools and skills continually evolve, the launch of new services and products also brings forth new customer handling requirements. This creates a perpetual need to fill knowledge and skill gaps, and find more effective methods of equipping your sales team.  

Leveraging an AI LMS to Boost Sales Training

Fortunately, with digitization, it has become much simpler to enhance the effectiveness and accessibility of sales training. An AI-powered LMS can make delivering sales enablement much easier.  It can empower your sales teams to not just achieve, but also surpass their business goals.  

An AI LMS can help you reach your entire sales teams, offer them crucial information on-the-go, at the point of their need, while also making learning fun. As a result, sales training programs through an LMS allow organizations to close more deals, bridge skills gaps, and increase profits.

Also, the AI recommendations can create personalized learning experiences for learners based on their profiles and learning styles while continuously providing updated courses.

Here’s how you can use an AI LMS to develop a successful sales training program:  

Personalizing Your Learning

Given the busy schedules of sales reps, an AI-powered LMS is best to bring in the much-needed flexibility in learning. It creates a highly contextualized learning ecosystem by targeted recommendations based on the learning history, real-time data, and behavior of similar learners.  

An AI-powered LMS also has the capability to analyze and curate each piece of content that goes through its algorithm in order to make the right recommendations. It automatically puts the relevant content in front of sales reps while sifting through the irrelevant ones.

It is also a great enabler of learning in-the-flow of work by providing constant access to training programs and encouraging continuous learning. This can prove to be highly effective for employees like sales reps who often cannot be desk-bound, helping them retain learning better due to its immediate real-world application.

Adding Gamification Elements

An effective way to tap into your team’s competitive spirit is by gamifying your sales activities. Through gamified sales learning, you can ignite a healthy sense of competition amongst your sales team, which can serve as a motivator to learn and improve skills.  You can implement leaderboards, which allow sales members to compare their learning progress with that of their colleagues.

In addition, points, badges, and rewards can add elements of fun to the training process. Gamification can also incentivize sales reps to retain and apply valuable knowledge to enhance their day-to-day performance.

Creating On-the-Go Learning

Your front-line sales staff require immediate access to relevant training materials, regardless of their location. As they are frequently managing multiple tasks simultaneously such as cold calling, customer analysis, client meetings, and sales training, it’s crucial that your LMS offers a convenient way for them to quickly access the information they require.  

Incorporating offline mobile learning capabilities into your LMS can be immensely helpful in providing your learners with a library of content, important product or service details, as well as tips and tricks for securing deals whenever and wherever they need it.

Maintaining Brand Consistency

Given that your sales teams are the face of your organization, they are the ones who will be on the forefront meeting with existing and potential customers. They will represent the organization as a brand, reflecting its purpose and finally influencing the way people look at your business. This means that every sales rep must be aware of what your business and its products stand for while interacting with customers. This is where an LMS plays a key role. An LMS allows your sales teams to access the same up-to-date content, no matter which geographical location they are in. It enables them to easily access product training which can be absorbed as per their convenience, from their own office desk, home or even their car.

Harnessing Analytics

Evaluating the effectiveness of your sales enablement investments requires analyzing the performance of your frontline sales staff. An LMS can empower sales managers with the necessary insights to monitor the progress and achievements of their sales reps.  They can pinpoint any skill deficiencies, and provide guidance as needed.

By utilizing advanced analytics and reporting, managers can easily track essential KPIs such as sales pipeline and overall performance.

Providing Product Training

The ability to continually adapt products to meet market demands is a key indicator of business growth. A Brandon Hall study found that product training is the most important onboarding element, seen as highly important or critical by 74% of companies.  

However, the success of a product is heavily reliant on the sales team’s proficiency in selling it. To support your sales team, you must provide them with regular updates on the latest features, benefits, and applications.  But combing through extensive product manuals and catalogs can be a time-consuming task.

Utilizing your LMS is the most efficient and effective method to provide ongoing product knowledge training, which is crucial for any sales role. This approach not only saves your sales team’s valuable time but also enhances their product knowledge, leading to improved sales performance.

Parting Thoughts

Mastering the art of sales is a challenging task. However, with a reliable LMS that is equipped with the power of AI, your sales team can achieve the desired performance and increase revenue. From providing comprehensive product training to closing competency gaps, an AI LMS is a valuable sales enablement tool that can lead your sales team to success.

Empower Your Sales Team with AI-Powered LMS