Sales & Service

Boost sales & deliver excellent customer service

Sales persons are the face of the company for most customers, who advocate the benefits of the company’s products and services. However, developing skilled sales and service professionals to grow and retain customers is not easy. Effective sales training is essential to achieve business success and future growth. An effective sales person must have the skills to prospect customers, follow up with leads, know how to close, handle difficult customers as well as deliver excellent customer service.

Boost sales & deliver excellent customer service
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Our Solution

Global organizations are constantly struggling to sell products and services, given the large number of options available to the customer. With increasing customer awareness and number of competitors in the market, the value of having a skilled sales person has gone up exponentially. Today's sales persons must be highly skilled in the areas of pitching, customer interaction, service, interpersonal communication and other soft skills that are crucial for every customer-facing employee.

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Our sales and service training competencies include:

Distance Selling

Sales Essentials

Sales Presentation

Customer Service

Why is Sales & Service Training critical?

Sales training ensures your sales reps understand how to effectively engage prospects and distill the right information about their products and services. It is crucial for your sales reps to understand the market, the buyer’s mentality, and the right thing to say and do to make the sale or provide impeccable service.

Successful and highly productive sales reps are trained in the necessary soft skills needed to interact with prospects and deal with customers. Skills like active listening, interpersonal communication, collaboration are highly sought after by sales reps across industries.


Plethora Microlearning plan
Plethora Microlearning

Give your workforce the added advantage of bite-sized content and reinforcement learning with hundreds of 1 minute & 10 minute videos for learning in the flow of work.

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Plethora Business Flexi

A carefully curated and customizable plan of thousands of in-demand courses that perfectly aligns with your specific training needs and offers ultimate training flexibility.

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Plethora Enterprise

A comprehensive plan that offers the best of online learning across technical, business, leadership & behavioral skills to ensure employees are trained on all the core skills.

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Plethora Universe

A plan that opens up a universe of learning for your employees with access to a growing collection of diverse content on competencies you need today and tomorrow.

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