While coronavirus has singlehandedly disrupted every sphere of our lives – personal and professional, one of the areas to take the hardest blows of this pandemic has been the training or Learning and Development (L&D) function. In just a matter of days, COVID-19 led to cancellations of planned classroom training sessions, calling for a learning strategy revamp in organizations worldwide. It also segregated businesses into two categories – one that followed traditional, in-person training modalities, and other that was on the spectrum of digital learning. For both, it nudged a relook at the training approach and use of online learning platforms amongst other things.

Here we look at 5 ways to future-proof, or rather Covid-proof, your online learning with a Learning Management System (LMS):

1.Virtual Classroom

With Classroom Training programs being cancelled across industries and countries, for businesses with traditional L&D, migrating to Virtual Instructor Led Training has been the best bet. In many ways, Virtual Classroom mirrors in-person classroom training – with a differentiating factor of the environment. In the former, the learners can see and hear the instructor via video/audio stream in a virtual setup, while in the latter, the physical space is shared by both parties.

How UpsideLMS can help:

UpsideLMS’ Virtual Classroom Training module with ready connectors for Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeetingenables your learners and instructors to connect and interact with each other in real-time. It not only enables you to reach out to a wider learner-base at a lower cost, but by enabling learners and instructors to collaborate, it makes the learning process interesting and enriching for the learners.

2.eLearning/ Blended Learning

While eLearning is a broad-based term comprising a host of things including but not limited to courses, videos, documents, assignments and assessments, the simplest definition is learning utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom setup.

How UpsideLMS can help:

UpsideLMS’ Blended Learning module with support for different training modalities (eLearning, Virtual Classroom), full multimedia support (Videos, PDFs, PPTs, Documents, HTML courses) and standards-compliance (SCORM, AICC) helps you accommodate your learners’ learning styles and get more bang for your buck. You can use eLearning, Virtual Classroom modules separately too, if you don’t want to build them together in a single program.

3.Mobile Apps

While Mobile Learning or Learning enabled by mobile devices has been around for a number of years, its adoption into workplace learning has been sluggish owing to security, privacy and internet connectivity issues. However, with telecom networks getting stronger and the advent of 3G and 4G networks, businesses are incorporating mobile devices into their learning mix for boosting Employee Productivity and providing Performance Support.

How UpsideLMS can help:

Anywhere-anytime, on-the-go learning is now a breeze with UpsideLMS’ mobile apps for iOS and Android, and fully responsive HTML5 interface. Learner can access all eLearning and Virtual Classroom Training programs on their mobile device – when they need it, where they need it.

4.AI-recommendation Engine

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) wave that began not too long back has taken the world by storm, penetrating every industry, every business and every function on this planet. Today, AI-enabled solutions are driving the effectiveness of training delivery and have grown into an important component of organizational employee capability development training programs. Artificial Intelligence and its Rising Value in Improving Employee L&D can no longer be ignored.

How UpsideLMS can help:

UpsideLMS’ AI-powered recommendation engine along with its user-centric UI suggests relevant content to the learners automatically as it constantly gathers intelligence from user behaviors, skill-sets and information pieces across the board. UpsideLMS’ AI deeply analyzes content and learner behaviors, understanding and categorizing it to exponentially improve learning content discoverability through its smart search.


As Gamification continues to build strong in-roads into corporate training, it has become increasingly important for Learning & Development (L&D) leaders to explore how the mechanics of gaming boost employee engagement and influence their learning outcomes especially in these disruptive times of remote working and remote learning. Here are 5 Ways to Leverage Gamification for a Positive Learning Experience.

How UpsideLMS can help:

UpsideLMS’ point-based Gamification module engages and motivates learners to learn by instilling a feeling of healthy competition and achievement, while enabling them to achieve their developmental goals. The lead.erboard collates points of all users while giving every learner the ability to choose other learners and teams that s/he would like to compete against.

Don’t let COVID-19 come between you and your employee capability development. Leverage UpsideLMS, which will enable you to not just upskill your workforce but ensure you are ahead of the game. Today and always! Request a Demo now!

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