Building a Sustainable Talent Pipeline with L&D: Q&A


Building a talent pipeline is easier said than done, which is why L&D readiness is of utmost importance to make an organization future-proof and give the desired competitive advantage. As the learn-tech partner to hundreds of businesses worldwide, I often work with L&D teams to help them leverage UpsideLMS for talent development. While I am well aware that it’s not just a lone piece of tech tool that can enable succession planning and execution, what cannot be ignored is its criticality to the success of it.

My fascination with this topic led me to conduct a webinar, ‘L&D Readiness: How to Build a Sustainable Talent Pipeline’ on June 30th along side Anita Chhabria, Deputy General Manager, International HR at Gulf Oil. In the one-hour session, we explored the what, the why and the how of L&D readiness, and how successful organizations focus on succession planning with HR interventions through L&D programs at mid, junior and senior levels. Here are some Questions and their Answers on building a sustainable talent pipeline, from me and Anita both:

Check out the entire webinar: L&D Readiness: How to build a Sustainable Talent Pipeline


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