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L&D Readiness: How to build a Sustainable Talent Pipeline

Learn how you can manage your succession planning through Learning and Development interventions.

Webinar presented by Anita Chhabria & Amit Gautam
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Webinar Abstract:


Identifying skills gap, nurturing talent and filling vacant positions through L&D and HR interventions is a critical priority for the success and growth of any organization, which calls for a sustainable talent pipeline that consistently identifies and prepares talent for open positions across the organization. In this webcast we explore how successful organizations like Gulf Oil focus on succession planning with HR interventions through L&D programs at mid, junior and senior levels.

  • Aligning talent management with business strategy.
  • Addressing talent gaps through internal development.
  • Optimizing performance calibration.
  • Agility in talent management processes.



Anita Chhabria

Deputy General Manager, International HR

Gulf Oil International

Amit Gautam

Director and Founder