4th of July Special: Path to Freedom & Flexibility via a Cloud-Based SaaS Learning Management System


As organizations increasingly value employee training, many still struggle to choose an apt LMS that suits their requirements. So, in honor of 4th of July, we explore how a Cloud-based SaaS LMS can give you more freedom and flexibility to achieve your ultimate learning goals.The adoption of ELearning and Learning Technology has revolutionized corporate learning, so much so that organizations are putting strategic importance on the type of learning delivery methods they employ, that could help make employee training and development as hassle free as possible. On the other hand, today’s employees are facing increased pressure to reskill and upskill themselves to stay relevant and competitive in this era of accelerating technological disruption.According to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends Report, ‘The way high-performing organizations operate today is radically different from how they operated 10 years ago. Yet many other organizations continue to operate according to industrial age models that are 100 years old or more, weighed down by legacy practices, systems and behaviors that must be confronted and discarded before true change can take hold. As organizations become more digital, they face a growing imperative to redesign themselves to move fast.’Likewise, to achieve freedom and flexibility, and become agile in this rapidly changing technological landscape, organizations need to move away from traditional methodologies and choose an innovative approach to technology investment, which starts with choosing a Cloud-based SaaS Learning Management System.The market is running amok with numerous learning platforms offering all kinds of features and functionalities, some with innovative AI-powered capabilities, while some offering an unconventional approach (read LXP), but none assuring you the freedom and flexibility to achieve your learning outcomes like a Cloud-based SaaS LMS.

What is a Cloud-based SaaS LMS?

A Cloud-based SaaS LMS, as the name suggests, is hosted on the Cloud (Internet), taking away the location constraint. It significantly reduces investment and operational costs as well as the complexity of implementation and provides a level of scalability, and can be easily deployed without any further investment in a server and IT environment.A Cloud-based SaaS LMS gives organizations the freedom to innovate, while L&D professionals and employees alike have the freedom of choice, to deliver and consume learning content, irrespective of their location and/or device; all of which offers a much greater freedom of learning.The benefits of using a Cloud-based SaaS LMS range from ease of maintenance to improved learning accessibility, among many others. Here are a few of the top benefits to help you make an informed decision-

  • Lower Implementation Cost

Being Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, a Cloud-based SaaS LMS eliminates the need to buy a stand-alone software or platform, thus lowering the initial investment. In addition, L&D professionals are saved from unnecessarily devoting time and resources towards the implementation of the software, which is taken care of by the vendor. Organizations need just subscribe to the LMS and L&D professionals can start uploading training content within no time. Cloud-based SaaS platforms are an increasingly lucrative and attractive option for SMBs and enterprises alike.

  • Improved accessibility

Learning accessibility is often a major hurdle for organizations with a disparate workforce. With a Cloud-based SaaS LMS, organizations have the freedom of providing greater accessibility to learning content, enabling learners to learn anywhere-anytime and on any device. Leading Cloud-based SaaS LMS vendors also offer Mobility solutions with ready Mobile Apps, which are particularly attractive for the millennial workforce.

  • Greater Data Security

With regulations like GDPR putting more focus on data security and encryption, a Cloud-based SaaS LMS is bound by these mandates and thus offers greater data security to the organizations, which other platforms cannot or do not promise. L&D professionals and learners can easily share knowledge and information and not worry about the security of their data, as the platforms that Cloud-based SaaS LMSes are hosted on offer higher encryption and safety. Besides, LMS vendors go to greater lengths to ensure the data privacy of their users.

  • Increased Storage Capacity

Without the location constraints, organizations are also free from the need to store their information on-site, on the computers or devices. Learning content, including multimedia assets, can be directly uploaded to the Cloud-based SaaS LMS, thus freeing up valuable storage space on the hard drives. Organizations also don’t have to stress about their information and data being lost due to hardware issues, as all the information is stored remotely and securely. Besides, no matter how large the file size of the learning content, a Cloud-based SaaS LMS is highly scalable and offers greater storage capacity as your learning requirements grow.

  • Higher Scalability & Personalization

A Cloud-based SaaS LMS is an ideal choice to anyone and everyone in need of training. Regardless of the type and size of the organization, be it large enterprises or SMBs or training companies, everyone stands to benefits from adopting a Cloud-based SaaS LMS as it offers higher scalability in the long run as well as custom branding or white-labeling, which allows you to custom design the LMS interface to suit your brand guidelines, thus giving users the freedom to alter and scale the LMS to provide their learners with the best possible learning experience.Cloud-based SaaS LMSes undoubtedly are the way to go if you want better learning accessibility, lower setup costs, greater data security and higher scalability. So, come Fourth of July, put a Cloud-based SaaS LMS among your considerations for offering continuous learning opportunities to your employees and help achieve better learning outcomes.