Training: Is Content really the king?

May, 2020

Show Notes:

According to a Training Industry, Inc. research report, about one-third of survey respondents identified Content relevancy as a challenge for employee Learning and Development (L&D). Drill down and you will uncover areas of sourcing the ‘right’ content with respect to learning objectives, budget availability and timelines amongst other things. One thing’s clear – no amount of digital tech and tools alone can bring in learner adoption and engagement, and enable business goal achievement than Content that’s relevant, relatable, easily accessible and sticky (from the learner’s POV) while fitting in the company’s budgets and timelines. A tall order!

So how can businesses choose between Custom Content Development and Off-the-Shelf eLearning courses and videos? What can businesses do in times of pandemic when the Digital Transformation curve is flattened and L&D is compelled into online learning? Can L&D professionals offer the best of both worlds – ready available content and personalized content – by creating a Content mix?

Listen to the full episode to learn:

  • What does Content refer to in context of employee learning and training?
  • The importance of Content for learning
  • Similarities and differences between Custom Content and Off-the-Shelf Content
  • Advantage of Off-the-Shelf Content during the times of COVID-19
  • Parameters for evaluation and selection of the right Content?
  • Strategies for Content curation