Mobile Learning & the Distributed Workforce

Oct, 2020

Show Notes:

The novel coronavirus, the rise of the Gig economy, amongst other factors, have changed our reliance on technology singlehandedly. We depend on devices, platforms and apps to work, shop, entertain, communicate (heck, wake up too!) and learn. Mobile, in context of employee capability development, is now a table stake in organizational Learning and Development (L&D) mix as the workforce becomes on the move, dispersed and distributed, and remote.

So how can L&D leverage our affinity to our pocket-sized super-computers to upskill us in this new normal of virtual and hybrid workplacelessness?

Listen to the full episode to learn:

  • In light of the continuous disruptions, rise of the Gig economy, how can mobile learning assist continuous skilling and development for employees?
  • WRT the pandemic, in particular, how are businesses tackling training for the remote workforce by leveraging mobile devices?
  • While the situation in corporate is not as grave as in education, where the digital divide is stark and students don’t have access to Internet at all, how can businesses overcome everyday challenges like internet outages that makes not just remote working but remote learning and development fall by the wayside?
  • How does collaboration play into learning and development of the distributed workforce?
  • How can L&D measure effectiveness of mLearning?