COVID-19 and Digital Learning

Jun, 2020

Show Notes:

The unprecedented times we are living in today, ushered in by a global pandemic, have revolutionized the way businesses are being conducted and how! Everything from working to learning to doing is now enabled by technology and tools. In other words, Covid-19 did what most businesses couldn’t do themselves. It created a new order, a new normal with DIGITAL at its heart.      

But adapting to this new normal is easier said than done. Teams and individuals across functions and levels are wading through unchartered waters, using technology they never had to and doing things in a way never done before. Both unit-level up-skilling as well as organization-wide transformational training, technical as well as non-technical training on remote-working skills, remote-management skills, leadership skills are not just good-to-have but a mandatory piece of the Digital Transformation strategy today.

How has this digital push really impacted businesses’ training function? How is the learning platform evolving to facilitate true online learning? What competencies and skill-gaps are keeping the workforce up at night? What best practices and tried-and-tested tips can L&D leverage to transition seamlessly to digital learning?

Listen to the full episode to learn:

  • How has this ‘new normal or new order’ impacted the L&D function?
  • Which are the sought-after skills and tools/ features (in an LMS)?
  • Benefits of digital transformation/ digital push for businesses WRT their training and capability development interventions
  • Changes in client expectations, (provider) delivery approach in accordance to the changing times
  • Best practices/ tips for companies to keep in mind when transitioning to digital learning (from traditional learning)