Plethora Business Flexi

A carefully curated plan of pre-established plug-n-play bundles that perfectly align with your training needs and offers ultimate training flexibility

Digital Literacy

Get a cross-disciplined workforce with a higher percentage of digital literacy to compete in today’s digital economy

Digital Literacy |Plethora business flexi
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IT Fundamentals

Access thousands of digital, web, IT and software courses to fast-track digital literacy

IT Fundamentals |Plethora business flexi
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Leadership & Management

Address the ever evolving nature of leadership development by providing world class, engaging and scalable experiences fit for modern learners

Leadership & Management | Plethora business flexi
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HR & Compliance

Stay in-sync with updates in HR and legal compliance requirements, and help foster a healthy and lawful culture

HR & Compliance | Plethora business flexi
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Customer Success Excellence

Develop skilled customer service professionals to grow and retain your customer-base

Customer Success Excellence | Plethora business flexi
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Achieving Sales Mastery

Ensure your sales reps have the right skills to close more deals, improve conversion rates and customer service

Achieving Sales Mastery | Plethora business flexi
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Sample Courses