Here’s Why You Should Integrate Content Curation into Your L&D Right Away

The many changes of the recent times, coupled with significant technological advancements, has created a huge demand for upskilling. As businesses strive to keep pace with workplace innovation, they are faced with an ever-widening skills gap.  

An effective solution to plug skill gaps is to create an L&D strategy that keeps employees engaged while successfully meeting their learning requirements.  

How can this be done with ease?  

Content curation is your answer.  

Content curation ensures that learners are freed from the frustration of sifting through a vast amount of information to find what they need and what is relevant to their interests. This creates a smoother learning experience and increases their motivation to learn. 

In this article, you will learn about what content curation is and why it is a critical element to add to your L&D strategy. 

What is Content Curation? 

Bersin by Deloitte states that content curation involves identifying the most pertinent information for a specific target audience, contextualizing and organizing it before presenting it to them.  

Today’s learners have an array of options and information at their fingertips. They find traditional, tedious training methods uninspiring, causing them to disconnect and tune out. If you force them to learn using mandatory methods, it’s likely that your employees will disengage, leading to unsatisfactory results. 

Moreover, as Bersin by Deloitte’s high-impact learning organization maturity model points out, many learners find it hard to navigate the huge amount of content that is available to them. Content curation assists learners in filtering out irrelevant material and accessing only the most appropriate courses. This leads to a more efficient and time-optimized learning experience that has a lasting impact. 

Here are a few key benefits of content curation that highlight why it can enhance your L&D program: 

Brings Relevance in Learning 

While it may be tempting to create an exhaustive training program with a plethora of resources to assist employees, the reality is that they may not need all of it. In most cases, they require only what is essential for their professional and personal growth. 

Content curation provides a learning focus that prevents employees from spending too much time on learning. It saves them the hassle of searching for relevant information, thus preventing boredom. 

Saves Time & Cost  

The internet provides a vast amount of learning content to employees. L&D teams can benefit from curating training programs from existing resources rather than creating courses from scratch. 

Content curation saves both time and money that would have been spent on developing courses and building the entire program. Integrating content curation with the capabilities of an LMS can also facilitate a better learning experience, accelerating the course delivery process for employees. 

Improves Engagement  

Enhanced engagement is the primary advantage of content curation, and it is critical to the success of any training program. When an L&D program caters to the learning needs of employees instead of adding to their workload, it is more likely to result in higher uptake. 

As employees can easily access appropriate learning resources, it naturally leads to higher engagement. 

Enriches Learning Journey  

In a hybrid work setting, employees already have a lot on their plate. Lengthy, monotonous training programs may not be well received in such a scenario. Many employees abandon training midway because they feel overwhelmed by the volume of information presented to them.  

However, with content curation, you can provide them with content that is pertinent to their needs, work roles, and future aspirations. As a result, the learning experience becomes more personalized. Redundant information is eliminated, resulting in a more intelligent and enriched learning journey overall. 

Aids Leadership Development  

According to McKinsey, businesses that have invested in leadership development have seen positive returns. It is clear that companies with strong leadership pipelines perform twice as well in terms of revenue and talent retention.  

Content curation can be a valuable tool for effective leadership development, as it allows for content to be tailored to specific learning needs and competencies, as well as targeted towards high-potential employees and focused groups. 


To develop a competent and future-ready workforce, L&D needs to shift from conventional one-size-fits-all methods to a more personalized and curated approach. By curating content based on individual learning needs, you can give employees control over their own learning, which can increase motivation to learn and ultimately lead to higher engagement levels. 

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Content Curation in L&D - Benefits for Knowledge Retention and Engagement