UpsideLMS is changing to Invince: Rebranding FAQs


UpsideLMS has changed its brand name to Invince! This move will not alter anything about your interactions with us. We have a new brand name and visual identity, but our commitment to offer the best of customer experiences remains unchanged! For any queries related to the rebranding, please check out below our answers to some most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). 1. Has Invince taken over UpsideLMS? UpsideLMS has not been taken over. We have changed our name to Invince. Our stellar brands and products UpsideLMS and Plethora will retain their identity. They will continue to grow strongly and become an integral part of Invince’s solutions portfolio. 2. Why is UpsideLMS changing its brand name? Two decades ago, we started off as a company that offered comprehensive learning solutions for employees, customers and their extended enterprise. As we catered to a growing clientele, we realized that our capabilities enabled us to tackle the diverse challenges encountered by our customers within their workforce. This led us to establish a new identity to align better with our aspirations. 3. What does this rebrand mean for me? Will your products UpsideLMS and Plethora change? It only means better experiences! Our products UpsideLMS and Plethora will retain their identity with no change in the way you use and experience them. 4. Will the brand change affect my access to UpsideLMS or my daily interactions with your team? The features and functionalities of UpsideLMS and Plethora remain unchanged. All your data, content, and user information will remain intact and accessible. You don’t need to take any action or worry about losing any information. You will also continue to be in touch with the same people. Your access to the software, support, and services will remain unchanged. The email ids of our support team will change as they move to the new system. 5. What are the new support ids? You can reach out to our support team here: 6. Will the team of the renamed company have new e-mail addresses? If so, what will they be? Yes, the e-mail addresses ending with UpsideLMS will change to the Invince system. The old e-mail addresses will continue to be active for the next few weeks. 7. Will I need to create a new account or sign up again to access UpsideLMS after the rebrand? You don’t need to create a new account or sign up again to access UpsideLMS. You will continue to use your existing login credentials to access the platform. 8. Will the features, functions, and pricing of UpsideLMS change with the new name? The features, functions, and pricing will all remain the same. Our focus on delivering the best customer experience will always be our top priority. 9. Will the change in the company name affect any integrations that I use with UpsideLMS? No, our technical team will ensure that all integrations remain uninterrupted. 10. Will there be any downtime or interruption in service during the transition to the new name? There will be no downtime or interruption in service even as we transition to the new name. Our support team will always have your back in case you face any issues. 11. Where can I send any follow-up questions I might have? For questions other than the ones listed here, please write to us at contact@invince.com12. Where can I get more information about the re-brand? You can learn more about the re-brand here.