UpsideLMS 7.6.2 is Out!

UpsideLMS 7.6.2 is Out!

New feature releases, existing functionality upgrades, UI enhancements - it's all in a day's work for us at UpsideLMS. And true to this we have recently released UpsideLMS 7.6.2 - complete with a bunch of Learner- and Admin-centric features and functionalities that will make learning and training management, respectively, easy, effective and more awesome!

Below is a quick overview of the key features in UpsideLMS 7.6.2:

1. External Certification Support

UpsideLMS' External Certification module gives Learners the flexibility to add certifications achieved from sources external to the LMS. To the Admins, it enables a holistic view and tracking of the Learners' knowledge and certifications, along with easy mapping to Compliance Skills, Competency Skills, and CPD points.

External Certification Support

2. Ready Integration for Zoom Web Conferencing

Along with ready connectors for Webex and GoToMeeting, UpsideLMS now comes with ready integration with Zoom for Web Conferencing/ Virtual Classroom.

Ready Integration for Zoom Web Conferencing

3. Support for Amazon S3 Videos

UpsideLMS' support for a wide range of learning content formats now extends to streamed videos from Amazon S3. This is apart from UpsideLMS' support for YouTube streamed videos and uploaded videos.

Support for Amazon S3 Videos

4. Bulk Curriculum Assignment

Assigning a curriculum to multiple Learners or Learner-Groups is easy through UpsideLMS 7.6.2's Bulk Curriculum Assignment feature.

Bulk Curriculum Assignment

5. Learning Content Visibility Management

UpsideLMS now provides the ability to manage Curriculum Content Visibility by setting a date against each learning content to keep it hidden/locked from the Learners.

Learning Content Visibility Management

6. Curriculum Start Date Management

Admins can now set a 'start date' for the Curriculum(s), which defines if the specific curriculum being Created or Edited should be displayed from the specified 'Start Date' in Learner's Plan or should be displayed, by default, from the date of assignment.

Curriculum Start Date Management

7. UI Enhancements

A new Learner Profile Dashboard, with quick summary of the Learner's progress and quick navigation links, Learner Menu simplification, and Enhancements in Assessment Results Report bring in more ease-of-use.

UI Enhancements
Take the new features for a test drive by requesting a 14-day UpsideLMS Trial now.