Upnaari: Bringing Women Back to Work


Upnaari, an initiative by UpsideLMS, is a program aimed to engage and empower Indian women who are returning to their careers after a career break

A study by the Center for Talent Innovation has revealed that almost 91% of women wish to return to work but around 40 to 45% are unable to find the right opportunities. Another says that while Indian women take smaller breaks than their counterparts in Germany and the US, only 58% of them are able to get back to work full-time.

While things are gradually changing, many employers are still sceptical (some a bit covertly) to welcome women returning to work. A PricewaterhouseCoopers study has suggested that this is largely because of the attitude that women who have been away from the workforce will be less up-to-date with industry trends and knowledge, and may even have faced a deterioration of their skills.

We at UpsideLMS don’t think that’s true. We believe that every woman can make an impact and women returning to work are a skilled and talented group. The experience they bring to the table, including experience gained outside of the workplace, will play a key role in the strategic decision-making and well-being of the organization. We wish to break any prejudice related to hiring women returning to work by giving them opportunities that match their talent and skills sets.

Upnaari, an initiative by UpsideLMS, is a program that will focus on empowering Indian women returning to work with the resources they need to facilitate a smooth transition. It aims to engage women who are getting back to their careers after a break by providing them with job openings matching their skills, and with opportunities to learn and upskill to boost their confidence levels. It envisages facilitating the absorption of women professionals returning to work into the corporate landscape with a holistic approach.

We aspire the program to help us achieve our vision of encouraging gender diversity and equality in the workforce by offering extensive opportunities to everyone. After all, surveys aside, it is a known fact that women can multitask, take on a number of roles at the same time and deal with formidable challenges strongly. We believe that women returning to work are a talent pool that is waiting to be tapped.

If you are a woman aiming to return to the corporate world, please reach out to us with your CV at upnaari@upsidelms.com. We will get back to you with openings in our organization that are fit for you. We will also inform you about opportunities to upskill/reskill through our leader-led sessions and forums like webinars, workshops, online sessions and free courses.