Turn Your LMS into A Superhero of Sales Enablement


Almost every business leader would accent to the fact that the sales team is at the heart of generating revenue. However, to deliver brilliant performance, these front liners need to evolve through skilling and upskilling themselves with up-to-date, easy-to-digest, and on-the-go sales training from any device and anywhere in the world. Training that they can retain and apply in various real-life scenarios. Take a situation where you give someone a task and provide them with the necessary array of resources to use to get the work done. It’s safe to assume that they will complete it effectively and effectively compared to someone devoid of those resources. The same holds true for your sales teams too. Equip them with the right content on the right platform and they are sure to convert those leads effortlessly.

So how do you achieve this?

Enter Sales Enablement!

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is an iterative process of providing your sales teams with the resources they need to be effective in their roles. These resources may include engaging product information, tips, and tricks to build loyal customer relationships, tools to learn the best practices in time management, communication skills, and persuasion.

However, tools and skills keep evolving. With the launch of new services and products comes new customer handling requirements. This means there will always be skills and learning gaps to be filled and more effective ways of enabling your sales team. Fortunately, in the age of technology, it’s far easier to make learning more effective and accessible. And the right Learning Management System (LMS) can be your superhero to help you achieve sales enablement success.

Here’s how you can leverage the LMS to drive sales performance at your organization.

Gamifying Your Sales Activities

Sparking a healthy competition between the sales team can motivate them to continue learning and acquiring new skills. The best way to tap into your sales teams’ competitive side is by gamifying the sales training. By providing leaderboards, your sales members can compare the progress of their learning with that of their peers. Points, badges, and rewards add a zest of fun and further motivates your sales rep for constant learning, retaining valuable information, and applying the knowledge to perform better in their day-today tasks.

Analyzing Performance

Analyzing the performance of your front liners is integral to measuring the ROI of your sales enablement investments. Advanced learning platforms provide the necessary insights for sales managers to monitor the progress and achievements of sales reps, identify any skill gaps, or step in to provide any guidance when needed. With the help of advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, managers can keep a track of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as sales pipeline and overall performance.

Enabling On-the-Go Learning

Your front liners need access to relevant training content on their fingertips no matter where they are or which devices they use. Your sales team is constantly juggling multiple priorities such as cold calling, customer base analysis, client meetings, and taking sales training. In such scenarios, your learning platform should make it convenient for them to access the information they need quickly to boost productivity. Having offline mobile learning capabilities in your learning platform can assist your learners to access a library of content, important product or services information, tips and tricks to crack a deal at any time, from anywhere.

Providing Ongoing Product Knowledge Training

A sign of a growing business is its ability to keep evolving its product as per the market demands. However, the success of a product is only as good as your sales teams’ ability to sell it. To support your sales team, you need to constantly provide them with updates about the new features, benefits, and applications. But going through huge product manuals and catalogues can be time-consuming. Your learning platform is the most effective and efficient way to support the ongoing product knowledge training which is critical to any sales roles. This way, you save your sales teams’ precious time while improving their product knowledge.

Using Your LMS as a Sales Enablement Tool

Sales is a tricky game to ace. However, a dependable LMS equipped with the above mentioned features can help your sales team drive the desired performance and boost revenue. Right from product training to closing in on the competency gap, an LMS is a valuable sales enablement tool that can drive your sales team towards success.

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