Training: Is Content really the King? (Podcast)


With global markets getting more and more competitive by the day, it has become imperative for businesses to provide the right skilling opportunities to their employees on critical skills to help them (employees and the business) stand out from the rest and achieve a competitive advantage. However, according to a Training Industry, Inc. research report, about one-third of survey respondents identified Content relevancy as a challenge to employee skilling and Learning and Development (L&D). This is far higher than the need for digital technology and tools for training delivery, highlighting the criticality of Content that’s relevant, relatable, easily accessible and sticky (from the learner’s POV) while fitting in the company’s budgets and timelines.

L&D practitioners often struggle for a choice when it comes to choosing custom-developed learning content or off-the-shelf courses. While there are several pros for using both the options, with off-the-shelf learning, L&D pros have the flexibility to achieve a quick project roll-out of the eLearning programs at a lower cost (compared to bespoke eLearning), making it a befitting solution for situations that don’t have the luxury of time or money. Like the current pandemic, which has sent businesses scampering for online learning solutions, like online content libraries and learning management systems, with most workplaces moving to 100% remote work, making remote learning the new norm rather than an exception.

Covid-19 or not, how can businesses choose between Custom Content Development and Off-the-Shelf eLearning courses and videos? Can L&D professionals offer the best of both worlds – ready available content and personalized content – by creating a Content mix?

I speak with Nipun Singh, Project Manager, Nitin Panjwani, Regional Sales Manager (West) and Sumant Joshi (Sr. Marketing Executive) to analyze different types of Content available for employee L&D, its criticality for success of training, and parameters for selecting Custom Content and ready-to-use, Off-the-shelf Content.

Listen to the full episode to learn:

  • What does Content refer to in context of employee learning and training?
  • The importance of Content for learning
  • Similarities and differences between Custom Content and Off-the-Shelf Content
  • Advantage of Off-the-Shelf Content during the times of COVID-19
  • Parameters for evaluation and selection of the right Content?
  • Strategies for Content curation

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