Top 11 features to look out for in UpsideLMS version 11


Every version upgrade of UpsideLMS is a story in itself. It’s a story of our evolution as a brand, as a learning platform and as a team. From the first commercial version of UpsideLMS, launched in 2007, to today in our version 11, we have evolved by leaps and bounds, including all must-have and good-to-have features needed in a Learning Management System today and tomorrow.

Here’s a quick roundup of the top 11 features in our recently released UpsideLMS version 11:

  1. Content Authoring

UpsideLMS now enables creating, sharing, and reusing of interactive HTML5 content from within UpsideLMS through license. Admins can author content by leveraging interactive content elements in more than 20 different formats easily. This works through LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) mechanism where all the records are automatically synced in LMS.

Content Authoring

2.Offline Mobile Learning

Mobile apps for corporate training provide learners flexibility to learn anywhere and anytime with the added advantage of being able to go through the learning content even when they are offline (without Internet connectivity). UpsideLMS Mobile App provides offline capability wherein learners can download reference material and videos (when connected to the Internet) to view offline later – Internet or not.

OfflineMobile Learning

3.Conversations Module

Taking social learning to a new level is the new conversations module in UpsideLMS mobile app. Mimicking the functionality of Whatsapp, this inline chat module enables learners to chat, share information, images, audio and video with their team members, peers or with anyone within their portal.


4.Multi-lingual support for Hindi and Vietnamese

In addition to its multi-lingual support for English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, French and Arabic, UpsideLMS v11 now includes Hindi and Vietnamese too. Learners can easily switch between languages as and when needed.

Multi-lingualsupport for Hindi and Vietnamese

5.SMS Notifications

UpsideLMS version 11 enables L&D to meet learners where they are – on mobiles through SMS notifications! In addition to email notifications, UpsideLMS’ integration with SMS gateway enables admins to send SMS notifications to specific users.



UpsideLMS puts the power of personal branding with template-based configurations of login pages and the system in the admin’s hands. Companies can offer an enhanced user experience by creating custom login pages with complete branding set-up and options to set up custom logos, color scheme and the background, along with options for setting up user login screen, portal promotions and SMTP settings.


7.Secured Mobile Access through QR code

UpsideLMS Mobile App makes the login process hassle-free for learners through a QR-code based sign in process. An alternate option of signing in with the organizational domain link is also enabled for learners.

SecuredMobile Access through QR code

8.Integration with M-Pesa Payment Gateway

As UpsideLMS extends its clientele in Kenya, UpsideLMS v11 strengthens its eCommerce with ready integration with M-PESA Express gateway, a mobile phone-based money transfer service is widely used in the country. This provides an option for users in Kenya to make payment for the Paid curriculums using their mobile phone numbers and M-PESA wallets. This is further solidified by implementation of a new currency KES (Kenyan Shilling) in UpsideLMS which can be mapped to the Curriculums and can be used with M-PESA for payments.

9.Diversity and Inclusion

Considering the growing sensitization of Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace, UpsideLMS now embraces D&I by supporting a range of gender types

Diversity and Inclusion

10.Assessment Analysis Report

UpsideLMS comes with an inbuilt assessment module, which enables organizations to conduct assessments as part of curriculums. The Assessment Analysis Report is now enhanced to include more graphical data and a detailed learner-wise question level details, which will be available to Admin and Instructor.

Assessment Analysis Report

11.ILT Batch Management Workflow Enhancement

UpsideLMS’classroom management module comes with attendance management workflow where we have an option for Learner to mark attendance for themselves and for Instructors to mark attendance for their batch, which will be finalized when Admin or Instructor finalizes the same. Along with this, we also display the attendance marked by learners, Instructors and Admin for the administrator who finalizes the batch.

ILT Batch Management Workflow Enhancement
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