Top 6 L&D Myths to Debunk in 2019


On one hand there has been an increased adoption of technology-enabled learning in the workplace, while on the other, organizations still struggle to see the value of (investing in) corporate L&D programs, especially when it comes to return on investment (ROI). This has led to wrongfully founded fears about corporate L&D amidst the organizations and employees, most of which often tend to be learning myths that impact employee career growth and development, customer experience and business results in the long run.Despite research results and considerable attention, large numbers of myths are still endorsed by the L&D community. These learning myths cause organizations to invest in approaches that either waste time and money or hinder learning, which harms both the field and the learners.In today’s competitive corporate landscape, it is critical for organizations to be aware of and take measures against such longstanding learning myths that hinder their success. In our latest infographic ‘Top 6 L&D Myths to Debunk in 2019’ , we separate the facts from the myths and help businesses get the most out of their training tools and programs. Myths ranging from ‘people remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they see, etc.’ to ‘our attention span is shorter than a gold fish’, are half-truths at best and not definitive models to inspire an entire L&D strategy.L&D’s goal is to add value to the business, which can be done through identifying skills gaps in the workforce and leveraging learning (technology) to fill that gap effectively, because results often come from deep personal insights and not from fancy trends, and certainly not from wrongful myths.Through this comprehensive infographic ‘Top 6 L&D Myths to Debunk in 2019’ we help you learn the criticality of debunking and disproving of continued learning myths and wrongful practices. It is up to L&D professionals to curb the use of such convenient myths, and think critically about learning practices and be informed about latest research to apply such research-backed practices and promote a wholesome learning culture.So let’s immerse ourselves into this detailed infographic and debunk some of the top L&D myths to help you get an edge in your L&D initiatives- View infographic

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