This Diwali, #LetThereBeLight


Diwali is a festival of lights. Ask any Indian and s/he will tell you ways in which this biggest and brightest festival illuminates homes, hearths and hearts. There is rustle and bustle in every household as savory and sweet delights are made together by families, sometimes generations apart, the houses and offices alike come to life with their decoration and lighting, there are unions and reunions, laughter and happiness abound.

It is this happiness we wanted to extend to some special children this Diwali. So thus came in being our #LetThereBeLight campaign. Kick started on 3rd November 2018, this socially social campaign will see us contributing towards child welfare for every social media post shared with its campaign hashtag (#LetThereBeLight) until 11th November 2018.


Below are the steps to participate in the campaign:

1.) Take a Diwali-related photo of yourself – solo or with family/ friends.2.) Post it on any social media platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), tagging UpsideLMS and using the hashtag#LetThereBeLight.3.) Invite friends, colleagues and family to do the same by tagging them.

To join us in illuminating someone’s life with happiness, search #LetThereBeLight campaign on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, and get clicking and posting!

Happy Diwali!