The Criticality of L&D in the Energy Sector: Interview with Lionel Wallace


Lionel Wallace, HR Officer - Learning Development, Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS), is in charge of administrating the Learning Management System (LMS) and all the learning platforms used throughout JPS.

Lionel facilitates the creation and editing of training audios and videos, ensures all training programs are developed in compliance with the LMS technology, and provides coordination for the training programs, along with photography support for all training activities, end-user support for all training Apps and much needed technical support for the LDI Team. Previously a member of the IT Support team, Lionel was honored as the ‘IT Employee of the Quarter’ and ‘IT Employee of the Year’ for his hard work and dedication towards his role.

Lionel is an avid sports fan and is currently a Rugby League Referee. He holds family and relations as his utmost achievements, and believes in working hard to achieve one’s goals. In a candid chat with us, Lionel talks about the criticality of employee Learning & Development in the energy sector and how UpsideLMS has helped JPS achieve increased employee engagement and productivity.

For Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS), which is the sole distributor of electricity in Jamaica, how critical is employee L&D for individual and company growth?

The energy sector is dynamic and is constantly changing with evolving technological trends and it is critical that the entire JPS family keeps abreast. L&D, therefore, is an amplifier that helps the company to move faster. When it’s done well, L&D accelerates the entire organization.

We take pride in the development of each employee as this is pivotal to the sustenance of our company. Employee L&D is critical to the company's growth, and is the foundation on which a high-performance team is built. For the individual, it assists in creating engaged and motivated teams willing to develop in the organization that sees them as an investment towards success.  

How does a Learning Management System enable L&D management for JPS?

Being an LMS administrator and a member of the training department, I observe that the JPS staff is passionate about their personal development. They are excited about the next big step, the next new challenge, the rewards, the gratifications, and the camaraderie that encompasses the L&D process. With the dynamic makeup of JPS, UpsideLMS is a major success in reaching employees at their levels, their timing and at their station.

What are your views on learn-tech adoption in the corporate space in the Caribbean?

Learn-tech adoption in the Caribbean is growing, slower than in more technologically advanced regions of the world, but definitely growing. What is observed, which is very positive, is that the younger generation is quickly adapting to this change and our education sectors/systems are ensuring that ‘technology’ is a mandatory aspect of the teaching curriculum.