Stay Compliant and Competent with UpsideLMS 7.5

Stay Compliant and Competent with UpsideLMS 7.5

UpsideLMS' latest release, v7.5, offers a great step forward for Learners and Administrators with its Compliance Training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules. Aligned to the needs of the Learners and LMS Admins both, it helps the former stay compliant and competent, while enabling the latter to manage Compliance and CPD easily.

Below is a quick overview of the key features in this release:

  • Compliance Training : UpsideLMS’ Compliance Training module enables Admins to manage the Compliance Training programs easily. To the employees, it gives instant access to training materials (on any device of their choice!) and receive training regularly on their compliance responsibilities so as to play an active role in creating and maintaining a productive, ethical, and respectful workplace.
Retraining Compliance Training
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD): UpsideLMS’ point-based CPD module enables Admins to manage the professional development of their employees through a single platform easily! CPD points for various learning elements like Courses, Assessments, Assignments, Reference Materials and Videos, can be added by the Admin, which are awarded to the Learners on 'first' successful completion of a learning element within a curriculum.
Continuing Professional Development

Both of the above modules are configurable at the Site Manager level lending organizations a much needed flexibility in enabling or disabling them as per their requirement. This release also brings in enhancements to the User Interface (UI) as below:

  • On the Learner side, the dashboard now shows a graphical representation, with direct links to respective individual pages, of the Compliance Status, CPD points and Overall Learning Progress of the learner.
Multi Device Responsive
  • Clearly highlighted timer and action button for “Save & Continue” and a drop down to select a specific action – "Save & Close" OR "Submit Assessment", aids the learners to navigate between the questions and sections in the Assessments easily.
Enhancement Assesment
  • On the Admin side, a Quick Menu is provided for easy navigation to the specific sections like Profile, Portal Settings, Branding, Learner mode, etc.
Admin Branding Menu
  • Admins can also manage the portal branding by choosing from a wide range of layout options, font, look and feel of the navigation bars and icons, set colors from a large color palette and also upload a personalized banner as the header background for their portal.
Enhanced Portal Branding Tool

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