Delivering Consistent Training across 100+ Stores using an LMS - A Case Study

Safestore - Case Study

As a provider of the Best Value SaaS Learning Management System, UpsideLMS, we have enabled (and still continue to enable) hundreds of organizations to manage their learning and training programs. So, when Safestore, UK's largest and Europe's second largest provider of self storage solutions, approached us with its requirement, we instantly knew what would fit the bill the best - UpsideLMS .But before that we needed to understand a couple of things; for starters, Safestore's exact requirement, and background of its training management activities and processes.

The groundwork begins

Our initial discussions with the Safestore team revealed the following:

Safestore's requirement was driven by 2 key factors, namely -

1. Clearly set goals for its staff training: firstly, to deliver high-quality, consistent training for its new recruits, and secondly, to provide of a set of training materials to its current employees to advance in their craft.

2. A desire to make the training management process easier, efficient as well as cost- and time-effective for its L&D managers, and at the same time make the learning experience consistent and seamless for its staff across 100+ stores.

Safestore had been using a legacy LMS to address the training and developments needs of its employees. The LMS, however, could only deliver vendor published content with no support for custom-made courses, which made classroom training the preferred mode of training delivery for Safestore. This made the training, pertaining to any process or service related change for its staff across 100+ stores in the UK alone, a time and cost intensive process. On top of that, Safestore had no guarantee that each learner had the same learning experience.

UpsideLMS to the rescue

Reliable, responsive, and cost- and time-efficient, UpsideLMS ticked all the boxes for Safestore. For its former requirement, UpsideLMS' support for multiple training modes helped Safestore to deliver training, in the form of eLearning, quickly to all its employees, while its training repository made it possible for Safestore to provide a ready set of training materials to its employees in order to refresh their knowledge at any time. Safestore could create customised training programs as per its learner roles and business processes.

Safestore Case Study - Creating Customized Training Programs

Being fully multi-device responsive on the learner side, UpsideLMS fulfilled Safestore's second requirement of ensuring a consistent and seamless learning experience for all its learners, irrespective of their place or time. In terms of time and cost savings, automating the training process shaved off a large amount of time involved in the manual process of conduction assessments, collecting feedback etc., while replacing ILT with eLearning, cloud-hosting, free 24x7 technical support lead to reduction in the cost for Safestore hence reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Safestore Case Study - Responsive Learner Side

Phil Fryer, Head of I.T. at Safestore, sums up the entire experience just right. He says, "I have been pleasantly surprised with the speed and ease of deployment. The quality of Upside's project management and implementation team made the geographical distance between us a non-issue. The system has been rock-solid since launch and allowed us to concentrate on the quality and content of the courses."