It's raining (LMS) features!


Indian rains and UpsideLMS share a common trait. They come heavy and never disappoint you, be it in terms of their frequency, timeliness or quality. So it's only natural that I shed some light on UpsideLMS' recently released features and some upcoming ones.Here's look at some of our recent releases.

    • Gamification

Our point-based Gamification module featuring a dedicated Leaderboard and Bell Notifications for learners boosts learner engagement.


Gamification Leaderboard


Bell Notifications showing Gamification details

    • Category Management

Category management, applicable to Curriculums as well as Certifications, enables learners to browse by 'Category' within the 'Learner Catalog' section and search for 'Category' within the 'Learning Plan' section.


Category Management in Catalog section


(ategory Management in Learning Plan section(a)


Category Management in Learning Plan section(b)

UpsideLMS extends its superlative User Experience (UX) on mobile devices through its Online Mobile App, called UpsideLMS Mobile, for iOS and Android (along with its multi-device responsive interface). To businesses, it means easy deliverability of training to employees (and peace of mind!). And to the learners, it means complete flexibility in accessing learning whenever and wherever needed on their smartphones and tablets.


UpsideLMS Mobile for iOS and Android

    • Offline (No Internet) Support

UpsideMOVE, our Mobile App for Offline mLearning powered by UpsideLMS, not only empowers your on-the-go learners to take training/ performance support with them, but its No-Internet-Access capability makes learning truly uninterrupted.


UpsideMOVE for iOS and Android

    • Admin UI Enhancements

A revamped dashboard with dynamic tiles highlighting key details of active tasks along with ready CTAs, reorganized Menu, Bell Notifications, Global Search for searching across Curriculums, Content, Certifications and Users along with the ability to take specific action on the searched items, Quick Links for managing some of the common Admin tasks - are just few of the many usability-related enhancements that amp up the user-friendliness on the Admin side.


UpsideLMS Admin Interface

It's our constant endeavor to give you more than just a learning platform, but rather an entire L&D ecosystem. Which is why we have added some popular tools and systems to our comprehensive (and always increasing!) API and Integration library.


Some of our APIs and Integrations

    • Analytics and Reporting

With an effort to make Reporting easy and meaningful for you, we have added and refined a bunch of new reports - Consolidated Assessment Report, Batch Details Report, Assessment Analysis Report, Helpdesk Issues Report, and before 'Helpdesk Issues Report.

Reports with exhaustive filters

Reports with exhaustive filters

Batch Details Report

Batch Details Report

    • Third Party Security Audit

We have done Penetration Testing of UpsideLMS with Cigital (Synopsys) along with necessary fixes. Note: Reports would be available based on request and required approvals.

UpsideLMS provides a robust mechanism to equip you with the necessary tools and processes for complying with the required regulations, including GDPR. This includes, but is not limited to, disclaimer workflow for addressing requirements like end user consent and other consent approvals.Here's a sneak peek into what's coming up:

    • Interactive Admin and Learner Dashboards

...for easy action-ing and for taking a quick glimpse into different activities and progress in the respective areas.

    • Manager and Trainer Feedback System

...for enabling Administrators, Line Mangers and Instructors to collect end user feedback easily.

    • Learning Path

....for helping learners progress through their training journey, while mastering a particular subject or program.

    • SMS Gateway Integration

....for enabling quick notification on mobile devices through SMS.

    • Reporting Module Enhancements

....for bringing in new graphs, more interactivity and additional features.

    • Performance Management/ Evaluation System

...for enabling managers and employees to work together toward planning, monitoring and reviewing an employee's work objectively.And this is just scratching the surface of it! Request a demo of UpsideLMS and check out for yourself!