Responsive LMS: All about Selection and Implementation (Webinar)

Responsive LMS - Selection & Implementation | Webinar

In her book 'Designing Multi-Device Experiences', Michal Levin has described the multi-device environment as an ecosystem. She says that, "in looking at the world of online apps and electronics today, we can see a type of ecosystem emerging. In this system - this climate of multiple devices - we see smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, and other connected devices all interacting with one another and wirelessly sharing data. These interactions are shaped by the different ways in which individuals use the content and services that flow between devices, in different contexts, en route to their goals."

Ecosystem of Connected Devices

The Multi-device Ecosystem and eLearning

Technology has evolved and with it the 'n' number of devices, browsers, Operating Systems (OSs), their combinations and their interdependent usage has evolved too. Learning content and the delivery platforms are now designed in a way that they are accessible anytime, anywhere on any device of choice. This has been made possible through the concept of Responsive Web Design (RWD), which is now used to create both Responsive Content and Responsive LMS.A Responsive LMS delivers a consistent learning experience across all devices, allowing learners to access the learning materials on-the-go on any device. We have earlier written about the Top 4 Ways a Responsive LMS Improves Learning Experience.

While LMS continues to remain at the heart of a Responsive LMS, its process of selection and implementation is quite different. To assist organisations and individuals interested in buying or implementing a Responsive LMS, we will be conducting a free webinar, titled Responsive LMS: All about Selection and Implementation. UpsideLMS' core team members - Amar Pawar - Product Manager and Dhaval Trivedi - Solutions Manager will present the 1 hour interactive session.

Responsive LMS: All about Selection and Implementation will be held on 12th of August at 10.00 AM IST (02:30PM AEST) [Register here] and again on 13th of August at 7:30 PM IST (03:00 PM BST, 10:00 AM EDT) [Register here]. We hope to see you there!