Reseller program for UpsideLMS launched


Following the recent release of UpsideLMS Version 4.0 we have now introduced a reseller program for the product and related services. We invite independent organizations and individual professionals to the program. We aim to expand our reach to markets and customers needing reliable eLearning solutions.

The program aims to attract both independent organizations in the business of offering learning / training / eLearning solutions and individual professionals who do not sell / offer / work on learning solutions but are aware of potential customers who need such solutions and can refer Upside Learning to the customers.

We strongly believe in creating a network of strategic partners that share our vision. These strategic alliances will help Upside Learning and our partner by offering a wider range of learning solutions to customers. The core of our alliance is driven by mutual benefit and the creation of a long term relationship, and it hinges on the principles of trust, transparency, and mutual respect.

The Reseller program is available in two variants – Referral program and Authorized Reseller program. The Referral program is aimed at enabling individual professionals (and organizations) whose core business is not eLearning but can refer Upside Learning to customers who need such solutions. The Authorized Reseller program is for independent organizations whose core business is learning / training / eLearning and who have the capacity to represent Upside Learning in pre-sales and post-sales activities including implementation, consulting, training and first-line support. Needless to say, Upside will provide all required marketing and sales support, sales training, regular product updates, etc.

Both the editions - UpsideLMS Professional, an ideal solution for SMBs and Training companies, and UpsideLMS Enterprise, best-suited for large enterprises, are available in the program.

Free trial access, video tours and live demonstrations of UpsideLMS Version 4.0 are available from our website ( ). More information on the Reseller program can also be found on the website.

Feel free to send email to for further assistance related to and for applying to the program.