Overview Video of UpsideLMS - The Best Value LMS


The LMS market has evolved significantly over the last decade or so. And there probably are more than 250 LMS systems in circulation around the world. While the large LMS systems are simply out-of-reach of a majority of businesses, most of the small LMS systems don’t necessarily have all the necessary features your business needs for efficient and effective learning management – be it for internal staff or for your customers. To top it all, varied and complicated pricing models make it nothing short of a herculean task to identify and select the right LMS – one that has the necessary and also forward-looking features, is available as a SaaS and is priced with you in mind.

Now, with a new packaging and pricing we have made it very simple for businesses to choose an LMS. A couple of weeks back, we posted an overview video of our award-winning LMS – UpsideLMS on our website. However, as our blog readers do not routinely visit our website pages so I share the video below: Why don’t you see it for yourself by registering for our online demo of the product? Please register here for the demo.

Looking for more information or a quick chat - please drop us a line at sales@upsidelearning.com and we’ll have one of our sales guys speak with you.

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