Open Source is Not Cheap, Leave Alone Free


We’ve known this all along that Open Source is never cheap, leave alone free. We keep meeting prospects who are considering Moodle as their first LMS. The reason they say – it’s free or at best, comes at a low cost. The problem we find with it is that it’s often not a well researched decision and many of these clients may have to review their decision at a later stage.

In an attempt to advise our clients to choose an Open Source LMS after doing proper home-work, we have written these articles: The Real Cost of Free (Open Source) LMS The Right Way To Go About Open Source LMS Recently a colleague of mine pointed me to the prices of Moodle and a re-branded Moodle being offered by a leading vendor in the UK. I’m quite speechless to see the prices range from 20-55k Sterling Pounds per annum. To me this is outrageous sums of money to be spent on something you probably got attracted to in the first place because it was ‘free’. I truly think UpsideLMS provides best value in the LMS space and if you are willing to consider such high prices for Moodle you’d rather consider UpsideLMS.