One Question, Many Perspectives: Video Series


Are you a L&D or an HR professional? Chances are you are so caught up in the rapid changes in learning/ and training in the workplace that it's difficult to keep pace with it. Even if you aren't, it's in your benefit to be on top of the latest happenings in Learning & Development. Easier said than done. After all, squeezing in some time out of your busy work schedule to read up on ALL that's out there can be quite an uphill task.

This is exactly where our latest video series, 'One Question, Many Perspectives', comes in. Drawing insights from members of our leadership team, it provides answers to some of the most pertinent L&D questions and challenges faced by businesses worldwide, in a matter of minutes!

Launched in January 2018, the series comprises 6 episodes each of which is released in the 3rd week of every month and tackles a single question pertaining to learning-tech. UpsideLMS' leadership team members - Amit Gautam, Director - UpsideLMS, Amar Pawar, AVP - Technology, Sandeep Bhoyar, Head of Technology - Product, Vivek Garg, Sales Head, Rajesh Shintre, Head - Client Relationships, Ritesh Puranik, UX Designer, and I, the Marketing Head - share our individual perspective on the question. This is exactly what forms the base of the video series - analyzing 'one question' from 'different viewpoints' of the function heads - from Sales to Designing, Technology, and beyond!

Below are the two episodes that have gone LIVE since the start of the series. The remaining ones will be available for viewing on UpsideLMS' YouTube channel as and when they are released.

Happy learning to you!

Episode 1: What is the future of Tech-enabled Learning in the Workplace
Episode 2: Top Learning-Tech Trends for 2018