Global organizations have diverse training requirements, of which, some are unique while some are universal. These universal training needs can easily and effectively be met by leveraging Off-the-Shelf (OTS) training courses. In our last blog, Off-the-Shelf Courses: Quick project roll-out, we explored how organizations can use OTS courseware to quickly roll-out their elearning projects. Today, we will learn how leading global organizations from diverse industries like BFSI and Oil & Gas leverage OTS elearning courses to enhance their training capabilities and achieve the desired results.

Each year, organizations are investing millions of dollars into the training and development of employees as it has now become a key business strategy to produce a future-ready workforce. ELearning has already taken over our workplaces and global organizations are increasingly opting for OTS training courses to amp up their elearning projects. Agreed that customized elearning might look like the most advantageous approach, OTS courses are an equally reliable option, if not better.

The best thing about OTS courses is that they’re not limited to enterprises or small to medium businesses, and anyone and everyone in need of training can opt in for OTS courses. Among the many benefits that OTS courses have to offer, there is a case to be made for global enterprises that supplement or enhance their elearning projects by leveraging OTS courses.

So, let’s take a look at how global industry leaders like Doha Bank and Gulf Oil leverage OTS training courses through their Learning Management System (LMS), and why all organizations should use it to achieve the desired learning impact-

Gulf Oil leverages OTS courses to achieve savings & efficiency


Ranked amongst the Top 15 lubricant companies worldwide, Gulf Oil has been scripting its growth story through breakthrough technology, innovative service concepts, and high quality products, and a deep focus on employee learning and development (L&D).

To achieve its business objectives, Gulf Oil created the ‘Gulf Oil Learning & Development (GOLD) Academy’ to implement a robust, scalable learning platform (UpsideLMS) to expand and simplify the access to learning resources and deliver training in an efficient manner that matches global standards.

With Gulf Oil’s offices spread across the world, providing instant access and a consistent learning experience to its new recruits through its induction programs was a key objective for Gulf Oil; in addition to increasing operational efficiency and ensuring elearning is easily accessible, relevant and easy-to-use through an efficient and easy-to-use LMS.

Among the many innovative features and functionalities provided by UpsideLMS, Gulf Oil’s elearning project was further enhanced by its tie-ups with leading providers of ready-to-use OTS/ Catalogue Courses. OTS elearning has enabled Gulf Oil an easy access to an extensive library of multi-lingual, HTML5 courses and videos on diverse topics, anytime-anywhere and just in time through the LMS.  

With its elearning project enhanced by OTS courses, Gulf Oil ensures that the new employees hit the ground running through its Induction Training, empowering them to be productive from day one. The ability to access OTS courses anywhere, anytime, and from any device gives Gulf Oil’s learners the flexibility to learn at their convenience.

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Doha Bank leverages OTS courses to offer an engaging, interactive & holistic learning environment to its learners

Doha Bank Logo

One of the largest commercial banks in the State of Qatar, Doha Bank has been consistently registering strong growth with its participative leadership philosophy. Inaugurated in 1979, Doha Bank provides domestic and international banking services for individuals, commercial, corporate and institutional clients through four business groups – Wholesale Banking, Retail Banking, International Banking and Treasury & Investments.

To honor its commitment of supporting the State of Qatar’s initiative to develop a comprehensive knowledge-based society, Doha Bank partnered with a fully equipped platform (UpsideLMS) that provides engaging, interactive and a holistic learning environment to its learners through a host of learning technology solutions, including a built-in extensive library of OTS courses.

With overseas branches in Kuwait, Dubai (UAE), Abu Dhabi (UAE), Mumbai, Chennai and Kochi (India); and representative offices spread across the world, providing a secure and reliable platform that serves as a common knowledge base to deliver all its online (eLearning) training programs to its 1500+ employees across the globe in an efficient way was a key objective for Gulf Oil.

In order to realize its desired business goals, Doha Bank leveraged UpsideLMS that provides easy, efficient and anytime-anywhere access to elearning and effectively develops competences of the employees. In addition to providing a state-of-the-art learning platform, the LMS helps Doha Bank further enhance the impact of its elearning projects by enabling access to an extensive library of ready-to-deploy OTS courses and videos on a wide range of topics to the bank’s employees.

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Why organizations of all sizes should use OTS courses

Clearly then, OTS courses are not just meant for small and medium businesses, but can benefit organizations of all sizes. So, rather than prioritizing specific teams, organizations can provide widespread training options for anybody and everybody in the organization by giving them the opportunity to learn and enhance their skill sets with OTS courses.

One of the great aspects of OTS elearning is the availability of limitless courses on diverse topics. Ranging from topics that help employees learn specific skills to more general learning like ‘How to Understand the Modern Customer’ there is an abundance of learning for every employee and organization alike.

Furthermore, OTS courses are created with the help of subject matter experts, and come in the form of multimedia, including videos, quizzes, HTML5 courses among others. OTS courses are also mobile optimized and suit the learning styles of modern learners, thus keeping them more engaged. Rest assured, OTS courses are all about continuous professional development and quality content that is tested for success.

So the key information to take away is that OTS courses are the ‘go-to’ elearning resources to enhance your L&D programs and achieve the desired learning and business objectives. To get the best out of your OTS courses, choose the right LMS that suits your requirements and one that will enable you to achieve your learning goals.

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