Mobile Learning: The LMS Perspective (eBook)

Mobile Learning: The LMS Perspective (eBook)

Today, Mobile Learning is no longer just a ‘good-to-have’. It is, rather, an essential part of the workplace, what with the technological innovations, new learning models, lower adoption cost of mobile devices, and the multi-device boom, which have succeeded in bringing the mobile-first approach to the fore.And it's not just the content that's mobile, it's the whole 9 yards of Mobile Learning - including the delivery too! Which brings us to the question - 'How can organizations ensure anytime, anyplace training?' Training that can be accessed in Offline (no Internet) mode too.Wait, what? Offline!While a Learning Management System(LMS) goes a long way in providing learning/ training, it may completely fail if there is no or poor Internet connectivity. An important feature of app-based Mobile LMSs with support for Offline Learning is that once the training material is downloaded onto the mobile device, it can be accessed (multiple times too, with complete syncing and tracking) with or without an Internet connection. Making learning truly mobile!It is this area of Mobile Learning that our recently released ebook, 'Mobile Learning: The LMS Perspective', focuses on. Based on 16+ years of experience in tech-enabled learning and serving businesses worldwide, the eBook has been authored by UpsideLMS' Director, Amit Gautam, and covers the basics of Mobile Learning, while dishing out numerous benefits and features of a Mobile Learning Management System.Key topics:

  • The What, Why and How of Mobile Learning
  • 9 Reasons every Corporate L&D Strategy needs Mobile Learning
  • Dawn of the Mobile LMS
  • Benefits of a Mobile LMS

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