Mobile Learning in the Workplace: 2018 and Beyond (eBook)


The smartphone has served us multiple conveniences and possibilities of easier and better living and doing; from making everything available at our fingertips to connecting us with one-another and to the future too! In a span of a few years, mobile phones have become an integral part of our personal and professional lives to an extent that the term “nomophobia” (the fear of being without a mobile device) has not just entered the dictionary but also our day-to-day lives.Mobile Learning is no more just a concept. Nor is it an 'option’. It's a ‘’must have’’ for organizations of all sizes and types. Which is why there is no escaping Mobile Learning in 2018 (and beyond too!). However, in the same vein, while there are a ton of new mobile technologies and trends out there, not all have (immediate) applications in L&D. Or are not so feasible from the adoption POV in terms of time, effort, money and returns. So, as critical it is to make the decision on incorporating mLearning in your L&D interventions, it's equally important to focus on the mLearning tools and solutions that are appropriate for 'you'.A rather daunting task made easy by a comprehensive eBook I have put together, titled ‘Mobile Learning in the Workplace: 2018 and Beyond’, that will tell you the what, the why and the how of Mobile Learning in the workplace of today, and tomorrow!Key topics:

  • Smart everything, everywhere and 'smart'phone learning
  • No escaping Mobile Learning in 2018 (and beyond)
  • Real-world Mobile Learning applications in the workplace
  • Mobile Learning Management Systems (LMS): Responsive vs. Apps

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