Make In India' theme-based Desktop Wallpaper 2018 Calendar (Free Download)

Desktop Wallpaper

We have been riding high on the 'Make in India' wave since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took center stage in the Indian and world politics not too long ago. While a lot remains to be done to make INDIA a brand in itself, it's time we celebrated the inventions, the discoveries, the brains, and the souls that India has given to the world so far.Based on this very theme is our own UpsideLMS Desktop Wallpaper Calendar for 2018 that showcases India's lesser-known gifts to the world; some that you knew already and some that will surprise you.Go ahead, download for FREE now!We hope that this endeavor not only fills your heart with pride every single day of 2018, but also strengthens your belief in the power of this great nation and the people of it - that is US!Happy Republic Day!