L&D Leadership Insights (Toolkit)


Experience is the best teacher,even when it’s borrowed. It gives you the tools and the techniques to solve oldchallenges in new ways. The power to challenge the status quo, to do the new,to be your best.

With this belief and our mission tomake the training engaging and successful for all businesses, we have puttogether a compilation of interviews with the who’s who in Learning andDevelopment. L&D leaders from companies that are at the forefront of theirindustry. Training leaders who have sailed the uncharted waters in employeeL&D and emerged victorious. Leaders who are as human as they aretech-savvy.

Our latest, free-to-download toolkit, L&D Leadership Insights, squeezes out every inch of employee learning and training experience and wisdom from 11 eLearning industry stalwarts from Gulf Oil, ISS Facility Services, Zydus, Strides, Tideworks, Model N, Doha Bank, Manzanillo International Terminal – Panama, Ultimedia, Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS) and Pinewood Technologies.

Some practices may resonate withyou and some won’t but that’s okay as long as you are willing to be open tosome ideas and suggestions. We promise you ample learning along the way.

So, if you are an L&Dpractitioner or aspiring to be one, this toolkit is for you. If you desire toget more out of your current training role, this toolkit is for you. It youjust need inspiration and motivation on a dark, gloomy day, this toolkit is foryou.

Download the toolkit now!

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