LMS vs. LXP (Podcast)


Years after Josh Bersin coined theterm ‘Learning Experience Platform’ or LXP, as it is popularly known, the worldis still divided on its loyalty to the veteran player (read Learning ManagementSystem, LMS) vs. the new kid on the block (LXP). While both aim to solvethe same problem – employee learning and development, the former were developedas “Management” systems for learning, focused on business rules, compliance,and catalog management for all ‘assigned’ training while the experienceplatforms revolve more around the self(content) ‘discovery’.

Accordingly to an articleon Josh Bersin, “Both systems areneeded (LXP and LMS), but over time these lines have blurred”.

How blurred?

To Josh’s point of LXPs’ USP beingcontent aggregators and recommenders, David Perring, the Director of Researchat the Fosway group, puts forth a thought provoking message in his article ‘LXP- Why buyers might need to look closely into the next "big thing"​ inlearning tech?’

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Admin-driven to learner-driven

It’s not just the content piece(yes, learning is more than just accessing content!), but the shift of learning“experience” from the admin in the hands of the learner which calls for reassessment.In an LXP, the key interactions with the end users are driven by ML and AI algorithms,not by a predefined design created by an instructional designer. Which means L&Dis no longer in direct control of the moments and nature of the interactions,begging the question - what about the mandatory compliance training and thelearning path? Do businesses leave the learning and development completely tothe devices of the learners? Do you use an LMS to ensure ownership and controlof the training instead?

Unfortunately (or fortunately) it’s not as black and white as it looks.

While it’s important to train your workforce on key pre-defined skills and competencies, ensuring learner engagement, self-discovery and self-paced-ness is equally important for the success of your training interventions.

So how do businesses, L&D in particular, choose between an LMS and anLXP? Or can you get the best of both worlds – a Learning Management System with the(artificial) intelligence ofa Learning Experience Platform?

In our April edition of ‘Let’s Talk Learn-Tech’ podcast, I chatwith Sandeep Bhoyar, AVPTechnology, Rajesh Shintre, AVP Client Communications and IyyappanArumugam, Manager – Business Analyst to dissect the Learning ManagementSystem and the Learning Experience Platform.

Listen to the full episode tolearn:

  • Whatis an LMS and an LXP? Key differences between the two
  • Importanceof personalization in the context of mandatory training (learner-drivenworkflow vs. admin driven) and to-dos for achieving a balance
  • Whichone should an organization choose – parameters for choosing one over the other
  • Thefuture of the LMS and the LXP

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