LMS Switching Guide – A Free eBook!

eBook - LMS Switching Guide

There are things that are easy to do, and then there are a few that are easier said than done. Switching to a new LMS, for most organizations, belongs to the latter.

We have addressed various areas in LMS switching on our blog earlier. While we welcome you to sieve through our blog and read up on these insightful posts, we present you with a simpler option – a compilation of all these posts in a single book. Titled ‘LMS Switching Guide’, this free eBook is a start to end guide on LMS switching. It will help you at every crucial step of switching - be it preparing for the switch, managing the switching process or evaluating the success of the switch.

Below is a list of the key topics you will find in this eBook:

  • Identifying key reasons behind the switch
  • Understanding the components of the LMS switching process
  • Selecting the next LMS
  • Evaluating the success of LMS switch
  • Maximizing the ROI of LMS switch

Download this FREE eBook now and get ready to make your LMS switching quick and effective.