LMS Selection Guide for SMBs (eBook)

LMS Selection Guide for SMBs (eBook)

Are you a small- or medium-sized business looking at investing in a Learning Management System to manage your learning/training activities? If your answer is positive, you know just too well how buying one, with your limited budget and resources, is a big deal. To be able to leverage the LMS to the fullest and justify its ROI, you need to ensure that the LMS is a perfect fit for your requirement. And that's just the beginning.UpsideLMS' latest eBook - 'LMS Selection Guide for SMBs' , goes the whole nine yards in helping an SMB to understand the real need and benefits of an LMS and buy it. The eBook, with its special focus on SaaS, is authored by Amit Gautam, Founder and Director - Technology Solutions, and leverages his 16+ years of experience and expertise in the eLearning domain in implementing LMS across organizations worldwide.Key topics:

    1. 1. SaaS and SMBs
    2. 2. What does an SMB really need in its LMS?
    3. 3. LMS Benefits for SMBs
    4. 4. Key Considerations for Selecting an LMS
    5. 5. LMS Buying Tips for SMBs

The ebook is available for a free download here.