#LetThereBeLight leads to #LetThereBeMemories


The festival of lights always brings with it a special warmth and happiness that light up our hearts and lives. And this Diwali, we at UpsideLMS, vowed to share this treasure trove with very special people – the children at the Apla Ghar Foundation in Pune.The sheer joy of seeing happiness on a child’s face is beyond measure, and knowing you are the reason behind that cheerful smile is incomparable. So with our hearts set on spreading this joy, we launched the #LetThereBeLight campaign where we pledged to make a sizeable donation towards children’s education and welfare.The campaign saw participation not just from UpsideLMS team members but also external audiences who wholeheartedly took to social media, sharing their Diwali pictures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn while tagging UpsideLMS and using the hashtag #LetThereBeLight.The key part of this campaign, however, was contributing to the cause. So for every share done and every post tagged during the auspicious period of Diwali (3rd Nov. to 11th Nov 2018) we opened our hearts (and pockets), bringing the children essentials that included food, groceries and other special goodies worth over Rs. 10, 000, truly lighting up their Diwali as ours.That’s not all! A team of UpsideLMSers travelled to the Apla Ghar Foundation and spent some time with the children; playing games, singing songs, narrating stories and making unforgettable memories. The children seemed to be in great spirits as they opened their home to welcome us.Here’s a video of our journey; a journey we took not too long back to help children that, in turn, led us to a soul-finding adventure.