Learn-tech and Learning Analytics (eBook)


The field of Analytics is creating a lot of buzz across almost every industry around the world. And, the learning industry is not far behind. Learning Analytics is fast becoming a game changer and creating some truly notable advances in the learning industry. So, what is learning analytics and how does it affect L&D professionals, organizations and learners?

In our latest ebook titled ‘Learn-tech and Learning Analytics’ we explore just that! Learning analytics are essentially a set of tools that can measure and analyze data, and transform that data into information and knowledge.

In recent years, learning analytics has become a key driver of improving learner and learning experiences. Enterprises, governments, educational institutions and SMBs, who have tons of data about the learning habits of their employees, are finally beginning to connect the dots between data and insights using learning analytics.

Through our comprehensive ebook ‘Learn-tech and Learning Analytics’, you can also learn why learning analytics is not some distant reality but a valuable solution for organizations, L&D professionals and learners alike. With every department in modern organizations facing tremendous pressure to show their value, L&D is one function that can benefit from learning analytics, as it can finally justify their learners’ needs based on analytics.

So let’s immerse ourselves into this detailed ebook and find out the basics of learning analytics that will give you an edge in your L&D initiatives. Click here.