Introducing a ‘Plethora’ of Off-the-Shelf eLearning


Meet Jane. Jane is a seasonedSupply Chain Management professional and works for a big automobilemanufacturer. Jane is going into the year 2020, ripe with excitement andlooking forward to an action-packed year in the battle-worn trenches of theever growing monster called the Supply Chain. The past few weeks have been rathertense for Jane’s team. The news of their employer’s recent investment in anup-and-coming AI-powered automation tool has finally reached them. They say thistech will transform the warehouse operations as Jane knows it. This can’t begood, Jane thinks.

A week goes by, and Jane and teamhave now been notified of the changes about to take place in the company’s operations,and the in-bound (Millennial) talent set to oversee the automation and relatedprocesses. Just. Like. That. Jane’s team is baffled, but not Jane. She’d seenthis coming. All that fuss about the digital revolution, emerging technologies,Artificial Intelligence, automation and what not, comes thundering back intoher already preoccupied brain. And, Jane can’t help but think- if only therewas some way to address this tricky situation.

Meanwhile, Kyle from HumanResources (HR) and Matt from Learning & Development (L&D) are hunkeredover their respective desks trying to address this very question, and more!Kyle knows he can’t keep replacing or adding new employees every time some newtech shows up, while Matt’s calendar is littered with earlier commitments oncoordinating learning interventions, eLearning vendor meetings overshot budgetsand constant course design iterations, device compatibility, and assessing thecompetency levels of hundreds of teams across the organization. Poor Kyle andMatt can’t help but think- if only there was some way to address the skills gapchallenges quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Let’s face it people, Matt and Kyleare not alone in this conundrum. Here, let’s look at some stats and try not tobaulk, shall we?

With constant technologicaldisruptions and the emergence of a new digital world, L&D pros like Matt needto take inventory and asses their capabilities to reinvent the function itselfin order to future-proof the workforce with relevant skills. Likewise, the demand for L&D initiatives and eLearning programs is on anall-time high in global organizations across diverse industries. With learningtechnology solutions driving the effectiveness and ease of access of eLearningcontent, the need to achieve a stronger training impact is increasinglybecoming business critical.

However, L&D prosoften find themselves struggling to choose between custom-developed eLearning contentand off-the-shelf eLearning content libraries, where there is a business case tobe made for online content libraries and how L&D pros like Matt canleverage off-the-shelf eLearning to achieve a quick and effective roll-out oftheir eLearning programs.

So, what if there IS a way tosatisfy Kyle’s, Matt’s and more importantly Jane’s problems with aone-stop-solution for all organizational learning content needs; where all Mattneeds to do is just visit a website, cherry-pick the learning content based onhis skilling requirements and purchase the selected courses at a pricing thatwill offer him the best possible ROI.

Say hello to Plethora

The latest product offering from UpsideLMS, Plethora, is a new-age online content library that houses a comprehensive collection of over 20,000 off-the-shelf, ready-to-use eLearning, mLearning and Microlearning courses and videos, covering in-demand topics critical for today’s workforce, ranging from Behavioral Skills to Digital Skills, Compliance Training, Sales & Service and more!

Plethora is yourgo-to solution, especially if it is your first eLearning project or even if you’relooking to offer more comprehensive topics to enhance your training. Plethorapromises significant effectiveness for newer eLearning projects asthe courses are readily available for you to use them whenever you want and atthe point of need. After all, eLearning projects are all about deployingeffective training ‘quickly’ with a strong focus on ‘what the learners havelearnt and what they have gathered from it’, rather than ‘how the course hasbeen designed’.

With the length and breadth of the learning library encoded in the name itself (get it?), Plethora came into being with the sole purpose of helping HR and L&D leaders adopt a hassle-free and more efficient and cost-effective solution to address their learning content needs. For Matt, it means getting away from the hassles of custom content development, negotiating with eLearning content vendors, checking device compatibility, and other related tasks that are both, time and cost intensive; while Jane reaps the benefits of a ready-made library of limitless learning that not only will help her stay relevant but also compete at the highest level.

Plethora helps Matt easily discoverand purchase the courses and videos that best fit his workforces’ learningrequirements, without him having to bother with trends, course design, subjectmatter efficiency, mobile (device) compatibility, and other prerequisitesassociated with custom content development. Matt can rest assured knowing thatall Plethora courses and videos are sourcedfrom the world’s leading content providers, content is curated by SubjectMatter Experts in the field, while the courses are designed by topInstructional Designers and Graphic Designers, making them mobile-ready anddeployment-ready on any learning platform or app (LMS/ LXP).

Kyle, on the other hand, havingrealized the fact that retraining and reskilling a talented employee is morepromising than hiring from the outside, knows the trend of letting go employeesand hiring newer (skilled) employees to address the skills gaps is beginning tocrumble, given today’s highly competitive labor markets.

Over the past few years, there hasbeen a clear shift in the demand for future skills, particularly for digital,software and business skills. When surveyed, 52%L&D leaders cited tech skills as most important for training at theirorganization in 2020, while 43%L&D leaders cited software development (Python, Java script) and 35%cited AI, machine learning and neural networks and cloud computing as topskill shortages. No surprise then why Matt needs to prioritize tech skills inhis company to help employees like Jane quickly upskill and get back into thegrind in no time.

The PlethoraAdvantage

When it comes to choosing off-the-shelf eLearning content, organizations are often spoilt for choice as there is no dearth of content vendors. But when it comes to choosing the most appropriate and effective courses from the legion available online, Matt needs to make informed decisions.

And, we at Plethora havejust the answer for Matt. Here’s why we believe Plethora makes for a perfectlibrary-

  • Ready-to-Use Courses
    Instant access to over 20,000 off-the-shelf eLearning coursesand videos that are fast to deploy and effective in addressing your learningneeds.
  • High-Quality Content
    Highly effective and engaging courses and videos on a wide range of topics, including Leadership Development, Business Skills, Soft Skills, Sales & Service, and many more!
  • LMS & Device Agnostic
    Plethora courses are not only responsive and mobile-optimizedbut also render perfectly on any learning platform (including the AI-powered UpsideLMS).
  • GrowingLibrary
    WithPlethora, you get access to an ever growing content library, while yourlearners enjoy the benefits of latest and in-demand courses.
  • Cost-Effective
    Get instant cost and time savings by simply choosing from ourready-to-use online training materials at half the cost (of customdevelopment).

One of the greataspects of Plethora is the availability of limitless courses on diverse topics.Ranging from topics that help employees learn specific skills to more general ones,there is an abundance of learning for every employee. Above all, Plethora is amust-have for the continuous professional development of your workforce with thehighest-quality content that has been tested for ultimate success.

Jane can finally puther mind at ease, knowing that Matt has found a solution to all their problemsin Plethora – the new-age online content library that expertly meets thelearning needs of the modern learners, while offering Matt and his organizationthe best of off-the-shelf eLearning, at the point of need and at a cost thatwill offer them the best possible ROI.

Matt gets it. Howabout you?

Head to this link and start your free trial to explore 15 courses FREE for 15 days.

Happy learning!