How Doha Bank strengthened its commitment to HCM with our Learn-Tech Solutions (Case Study)


Every salesperson is a traveler, either by choice or virtue of profession. I am too. Work has me traveling to new cities and countries, and sometimes discovering new nooks in old places. For me, it’s been more than mere traveling. Oftentimes it has meant moving my home and my heart too. Of the many countries and continents I have called home, Middle East holds a special place in my heart. It has been my home for over a decade, before I moved base to Pune, India in 2011. But the love for the people there stays intact in my heart.So it was only natural that when Doha Bank, one of the largest commercial banks in the State of Qatar, was on the lookout for a secure and reliable platform for managing L&D for its global employee-base in an efficient and a cost-effective way, I put two of my favorites together – UpsideLMS and Middle East.And, thus came about the UpsideLMS-Doha Bank success story, which today, after years of helping the leading bank in its commitment to supporting the state's drive in the development of a comprehensive knowledge-based society for driving future sustainability, is still growing strong!Here’s the long and the short of it.


Doha Bank required a secure and reliable platform that could serve as a common knowledge base to deliver all its online (eLearning) as well as offline (classroom training/ Instructor-led Training ILT) programs to its 1200+ employees across the globe in an efficient and a cost-effective way. Doha Bank relied heavily on ILT to address the training and development needs of its employees. Moreover, its legacy LMS could only deliver vendor published content with no support for custom-made comprehensive learning programs. Hence, it needed a new approach that could match its role-based, specialized and regulatory training requirements that could effectively develop competences of the employees and, in turn, realize the desired business goals. Their prime requirement called for a ‘fully equipped platform capable of providing engaging, interactive and flexible learning environment to users’.

UpsideLMS: The Perfect Fit for Doha Bank

In UpsideLMS, Doha Bank found a Learning Management System that met its objectives on all levels. UpsideLMS was identified as the perfect fit for its range of functionality, flexibility, cost effectiveness, great usability as well as the ability to deliver the highest quality Doha Bank-branded experience. Key features of the implementation included:

A Personalized, High Quality Learning Experience

UpsideLMS was custom-branded to emulate the Doha Bank global brand, which extended the corporate brand beyond the workspace into the employees’ devices. This personalized version of UpsideLMS enabled Doha Bank employees to access online courses, learning resources as well as an extensive employee development program tailored to its brand values, anytime. So the users had not only quick and easy access to eLearning, but also face-to-face training programs and Doha Bank certifications for completed modules at their fingertips.

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Compliance Assurance

UpsideLMS streamlined the process and kept compliance status current, organized, and readily available, so the regulatory requirements defined by Central Bank could easily be fulfilled by Doha Bank.

Complete Mobility

Being a multi-device responsive platform, UpsideLMS provided a seamless User Experience (UX) to all learners across devices, namely desktops, tablets and smart phones, browsers and other platforms. In addition, Taeleem, a custom-branded version of UpsideLMS Mobile, an Online Mobile App from UpsideLMS developed for iOS and Android, allowed learners to access the learning materials and resources on their mobile devices anytime and anywhere. UpsideLMS Mobile, the original mLearning platform, which has been branded inline with Doha Bank's corporate identity and L&D goals, is an iOS and Android mobile app with support for all types of training (eLearning, ILT, Virtual Classroom) and material formats (Videos, Courses, PPTs, Word Documents, PDFs, etc.) including compatibility with third-party off-the-shelf eLearning courseware.

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Multi-lingual Support

With overseas branches in Kuwait, Dubai (UAE), Abu Dhabi (UAE), Mumbai, Chennai and Kochi (India), workplace diversity is a natural outcome for Doha Bank. UpsideLMS’ multi-lingual support for Arabic (with English default) ensures that learners are able to use their learning platform right away in 'their local language', thereby shortening implementation times and increasing user adoption.

Ready library of Off-the-Shelf Courses

UpsideLMS not only provides a learning platform to Doha Bank, but its association with leading provider of catalogue courses also opens up a library of 200+ ready-to-deploy courses and videos on a wide range of topics to the bank’s employees. Needless to say, the content-agnostic nature of the platform ensures that the third-party courses (apart from the ones custom-developed by Doha Bank) run seamlessly on the LMS.

JIT Performance Support

Training and performance support are made available to Doha Bank’s learners anytime, anywhere with the help of Taeleem, a custom-branded version of UpsideLMS Mobile, an Online Mobile App from UpsideLMS. D.B Taeleem’s ability to assist employees by providing easy and just-in-time access to learning/micro-learning complemented their planned training and development with instructor-led programs by acting as a knowledge reinforcement and performance support tool with 24/7, 365-day access. This seamless and wherever-whenever learning is a part of Doha Bank’s digital transformation strategy, facilitating opportunities for continuous learning based on a robust digital learning culture.

Measuring Learning Value

Our BI integrated custom reports can be published against established success criteria for the learning programs to deliver comprehensive data analysis against these criteria—continuously showing the value of learning to the bottom line.

Future Readiness

Doha Bank’s vision for its company-wide L&D is supported by UpsideLMS’ AGILE designing and development approach, which introduces new features and functionalities into the platform at regular intervals.The detailed case study is available here.