How Digital Transformation is Shaping the Future of Learning


It’s safe to say that we were unknowingly placed in a roller-coaster ride, against our will, with the advent of the pandemic last year. In a matter of days, we were forced to uproot from our traditional way of operating, personally and professionally, and adapt and be a part of the digital transformation phenomenon which seemed like the lone and the most viable option to stay connected and survive during the crisis. Those who operated with the fundamentals of ‘survival of the fittest’ saw a smooth transition to the digital side. However, a few encountered roadblocks to joining the digital party. Myriad of reasons can be cited for that. But the most glaring cause that came up was simply not being habituated to the digital way of working.

If we were to draw parallels to L&D, the function too faced a slightly similar predicament. The traditional methods of delivering training such as classroom training, instructor-led-training needed to be re-designed, re-developed, and re-delivered in a virtual manner almost overnight. But the L&D fraternity came through. The main catalyst for this successful mammoth transition was the adoption of digital technologies. Once the digital way of learning was announced as the go-to modus operandi of delivering and taking the training, we saw a shift in behaviour from the users and their preferences of learning inclining towards everything digital.

Having said that, the adoption of digital transformation came with the prerequisite of having certain skills. Being resilient, having a collaborative mindset, being comfortable with ambiguity, having the curiosity to embarrass, and exploring the nuances of different technologies to name a few. Once again, the L&D function rose to the occasion. They took stock of the present level of competencies, skills of the employees and through different employee engagement initiatives presented opportunities to upskill, reskill, and level up.

Digital Learning has seen an exponential rise since last year. It can be safe to claim that L&D has tasted blood by seeing the benefits that digital learning brings to the table having a positive impact on the overall business. Digital Learning is here to stay for the long haul!

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