Experience True (Offline) Mobile Learning with UpsideLMS 8.0

Experience True (Offline) Mobile Learning with UpsideLMS 8.0

A couple of weeks back we had announced the release of UpsideLMS 7.6.2 and then that of our latest product, UpsideMOVE. And here I am, ready to announce the release of UpsideLMS' latest version, UpsideLMS 8.0.It's been a busy few months at UpsideLMS, for sure, but exciting nonetheless. After all, the Best Value Learning Management System now, along with Online, Formal and Informal Learning, also supports Offline Mobile Learning!One small step for us, one giant leap for the LMS.

What's new in UpsideLMS 8.0

With UpsideLMS 8.0, organizations and learners can enjoy the benefits of eLearning in Internet connected and non-Internet connected state too. In the former state, UpsideLMS can be accessed on any device as a Responsive, Multi-device Learning Management System when connected to the Internet, while in the latter, it can be accessed on iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets as a app-based Mobile LMS, called UpsideMOVE, irrespective of the Internet connection.

Learning Plan

Managing Offline mLearning through UpsideLMS is as simple and easy as managing ILT, eLearning, Virtual Classroom-based learning, or Blended Learning through this multi-award winning LMS. By assigning app-ready training in the form of videos, HTML5 SCORM 1.2 Courses, Documents, Images, etc. to learners, either individually or in bulk, organizations can be assured of a training program that's as mobile as their workforce. Complete tracking of the learners' offline activity through its robust MIS & Reporting strengthens the organization's mLearning initiatives, while AES encryption all training content downloaded by users on their devices along with authentication of learner credentials on the UpsideLMS Mobile application, adds a layer of security.

Assigning app-ready curriculum

To organizations with field sales people, field engineers, traveling executives, workforce in remote locations, learners accessing content from low/ no Internet connectivity areas, etc., it means easy and smooth management of their L&D programs, with minimum to no learner downtime.

Here's a quick video on UpsideMOVE, that leverages UpsideLMS 8.0 as its backend:

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