Everybody Loves a Laugh


Everybody loves a Learning Management System (LMS), but a good laugh, even more! After all, what's life without a little bit of humor?It is this belief that has given birth to the EverybodyLovesLMS.upsidelms.com microsite. With a hand-picked compilation of 18 rib-tickling reaction GIFs that pay ode to the wide spectrum of emotions that an LMS professional, whichever side of the table s/he may be on - the client's or the vendor's, experiences, it is sure to have you LOLing through x'mas! What's more? All of the GIFs are easily sharable on social media, so share the laugh and let the world know what you are feeling.Go ahead, relive your emotions with EverybodyLovesLMS.upsidelms.com and bring in 2018 with UpsideLMS (Psst! We are currently running a 'Switch & Gain' offer on UpsideLMS) and a good laugh too!