Ensuring LMS Success': We spill the beans

Webinar - Ensuring LMS Success - From Onboarding to Support

The success of your Learning Management System doesn't end with the selection of the right platform; rather it only begins. No matter which stage of the LMS (selection/ implementation/ rollout/ usage) process you may be in currently, getting your LMS vendor's help to accomplish each step in the process is mission critical for the success of your LMS initiative.

Been there, done (and still doing) that!

As a leading provider of the Best Value, SaaS Learning Management System, UpsideLMS, we have mastered the art of driving high customer satisfaction through our solid solutioning, handholding and after-sales support process. In an upcoming webinar, our Client Relationship Managers leverage this very knowledge combined with their 16+ years of experience to help you get the most out of your LMS vendor and make your LMS a success story!Aptly titled 'Ensuring LMS Success - From Onboarding to Support', this informative webinar will take you through all the steps of the LMS process with a special focus on LMS vendors and ways to leverage them for your LMS success. The FREE 1-hour webinar will be held on 22nd November [India - 1:00 PM IST, Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) - 10:30 AST, Dubai (UAE) - 11:30 GST] and 29th November [India - 7:30 PM IST, US - 9:00 AM EDT, UK - 2:00 PM BST]. Vishakha Sharma, PMP and Saurabh Deshlehra, both Client Relationship Managers, will be presenting these sessions and will be joined by UpsideLMS' clients, who will be speaking LIVE about their experience of working with the UpsideLMS team.Key takeaways of the webinar:

  • Starting from the Start - Presales & Sales
  • The Secret to Successful Client Onboarding
  • The Key Drivers for Successful Implementation
  • We have got your Back - Support & Services
  • Going the Extra Mile - Ongoing Consulting

Registrations for 'Ensuring LMS Success - From Onboarding to Support' webinar are now open. Hurry now and register at:November 22 at 01:00 PM IST (11:30 AM GST) Register NowNovember 29 at 09:00 AM EDT (02:00 PM BST) Register Now