Employee Engagement through L&D – Strategizing for 2021 & Beyond: Q&A


2020 disrupted our lens to the workplace, the workforce, and everything in between. In a matter of days, organizations had to pivot to working and learning in a virtual environment. Such paradigm shifts throw new challenges to the employees as there is a lot to unlearn and learn in a short span of time. How the L&D is approached in such times becomes a critical part of the employee engagement.

I had an amazing opportunity to conduct a webcast, ‘Employee Engagement through L&D – Strategizing for 2021 & Beyond’ on January 21st along with Sudhir Koka, Senior Director - Learning & OD at GVK Biosciences. In the hour session, we uncovered the different aspects of employee engagement in the new normal, explored how learning and development is a critical element of employee engagement and how can organizations engage employees through their L&D strategy in 2021 and beyond? Here are some Questions and their Answers on strategizing for employee engagement, from me and Sudhir.

Check out the entire webinar here: