Digital Learning for the Hybrid Workplace (Podcast)


We have all heard about hybridization. Cars made it mainstream when they used two or more distinct types of power. And today, as the aftermath of Covid-19 paves the path for new working styles and approaches, hybrid makes its way into corporate too with the ‘hybrid workplace’ and the ‘hybrid workforce’.

Decoding the hybrid workplace

A hybrid workplace breaks down barriers between teams by removing the physical boundaries. According to Serraview, “Hybrid represents an iterative process of moving from traditional to agile, modern environments that support the changing nature of work.”

Traditional points to the brick-and-mortar corporate office that people had to go to before the pandemic established a new normal with the slogan: ‘Work is not a place you go to, but what you do’.

And while remote working or work from home seems to have been working well for most companies, the business case for workspaces with in-person (along with digital) interfacing weighs in stronger. A survey of 600 IT decision-makers, including senior C-level professionals, whose organizations have at least 500 employees found an overwhelming number of respondents (95%) reporting face-to-face communication being crucial for personal development and talent assessment.

The verdict for a hybrid workplace hence is unanimous.

However, the key to getting the hybrid model right is not a technical or an operational challenge, it’s a cultural challenge and one that includes the employee capability development or Learning & Development (L&D) piece. Digital Learning per se needs to be a complete ecosystem – right from the technology and tools to the befitting learning content – everything needs to be well thought about and planned for the hybrid workforce.

But how can L&D craft an overarching training agenda for its in-house and remote working teams? How can training professionals understand the difference between traditional training methodologies and embrace their digital counterparts without compromising on the objective?

Listen to the full episode to learn:

  • Status of the modern workplace (or workplace-less) in the new normal
  • Hybrid learning for the hybrid workplace
  • Power-skills needed to thrive and succeed

Digital Learning for the Hybrid Workplace: Differences between Traditional and Digital, Challenges, Strategies/ Best Practices

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