An Overview of UpsideLMS’ Latest Release Version 11.4 that’s Smarter and SaaSier!


A new version upgrade is an exciting time for us, but one that surely has many stories that need to be chronicled. As we recently released UpsideLMS 11.4, there was so much that went behind the scenes – a flurry of activity, the adrenaline rush and teams toiling to bring out the best version of our LMS for our clients. But those chronicles are for another day.

Today it’s about all the new features, existing functionality upgrades, UI enhancements and more that sums up this amazing version. UpsideLMS version 11.4 comes with a host of learner- and Admin-centric features and functionalities that will make training management, easy, effective and more awesome!

Below is a quick overview of the key features in UpsideLMS 11.4:

Retraining Option in Compliance Management Module

In the upgraded version 11.4 of UpsideLMS, there’s now an option of an integrated Compliance Management module where all required Compliance Skills can be managed and mapped to employee roles. These skills are also mapped to the Training content or Curriculum which the learners need to take up to achieve a specific skill to stay compliant. This release will enable admins to mark a Curriculum as ‘Retraining’ and allow learners to retake it after a specific interval to maintain their Compliance. Through newer notification event options, Admins can keep their learners well informed.

Global Content Search

Through the My Learning screen in the latest version, learners are recommended Curriculums mapped to their own skills and overall skill popularity leading to an LXP experience. This release sees the global search option include learning paths, curriculum and content that is displayed based on related content to learners. This gives learners the flexibility and adaptability to search the desired content in the LMS faster.

Ready Integration for Harvard ManageMentor Courses and Percipio From Skill Soft

UpsideLMS now comes with ready integration for Harvard ManageMentor Courses and Percipio from Skill Soft.

Community Search Enhancement

The enhanced community search on the Community listing page is another upgraded feature of UpsideLMS 11.4. This enables Admins and learners to search required Communities or topics faster.

Audio/Video Uploads For Assignments

UpsideLMS already provides an option to submit Assignments in different formats. As part of this release, learners can upload their responses through audio or video format post which evaluators can offer them feedback. This feature is in integration with Amazon S3, which will enhance the user experience on video buffering.

Enhancement of Document Repository

UpsideLMS 11.4’s enhanced Document Repository Module provides options to rename the document module as required, categorize the documents, and control the view rights of the documents.

Take the new features for a test drive by requesting a 14-day UpsideLMS Trial now.