Which AI-Powered Capabilities You Should Look For In Your Learning Platform


Online learning and training is going through an exciting time. With the virtual workplaces becoming the norm, businesses across the globe are taking notice of the evolution of learning technology and adapting it rapidly to boost everyday productivity and efficiency. Once such advancement in the learn-tech space is Artificial Intelligence. It is becoming a significant part of our everyday lives in the form of recommendation engines throwing suggestions on popular platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Shopify, and so on.

In connection to the online learning and training industry, AI is much more than just a recommendation engine. It has the potential to create unparalleled value for the L&D teams. So, what are the AI-powered capabilities that you should look for in your learning platform? Let’s have a look.

Personalized Learning Content
Learners expect to learn on their own terms, as per their flexibility. The demand to view customized content and get a good browsing experience is on the rise. AI-based Learning Management System analyzes a learner’s past learning behaviour, which courses have they taken, and what is their preferred format of learning. The algorithm understands and learns from these data points and accordingly suggests relevant learning courses to overcome any weakness in the past topics. This ensures a personalized learning experience for all the learners. On the other hand, AI-based LMS can also analyze if the learners have enough knowledge on a topic and skip the tasks based on the learners’ level of knowledge. AI-based learning has been proven to increase the quality of learning thus improving learner engagement.

Curating Content 
An AI-powered learning platform has the capability to analyze and curate each piece of content that goes through its algorithm in order to make the right recommendations. It automatically puts the relevant content in front of learners while sifting through the irrelevant ones. It also understands and learns the preferred format of learning courses and curates the appropriate style of learning course based on the historical results.

Automating Manual Task
The value of AI is truly realized when it aids in reducing or eliminating manual day-to-day mundane tasks. A learning platform powered by artificial intelligence can take monotonous tasks off your plate. It can automatically detect and tag learning courses that need to be translated into multiple languages. It can automate the time-consuming task of data analysis to suggest the relevant learning courses to corresponding learners. AI does the heavy lifting in the background so that you can allocate your resources to other important tasks.

In Conclusion
Technology is rapidly influencing the way people learn. AI-based LMSs are causing the right kind of buzz in the L&D space. Not only does it aid in providing an excellent learner experience, the futuristic technology ensures admins facilitate a personalized and engaging learning experience, all while automating manual tasks. AI is steadily becoming an integral part of learning strategy for organizations as they look at it beyond just a feature in their learning platform.

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