Adopting Digital-First Learning to Maximize Skilling Impact


With the pandemicleading to long-term repercussions within the workforce, organizations aretrying their best to adapt with innovative strategies and environments. As theygradually eye a post-pandemic work setting, they are increasingly looking at meetingemployees’ new working and learning needs.

This is also thetime when organizations have had to take some forward-thinking decisions toensure minimal disruptions. There is a greater demand for delivering skillstraining to employees across different levels with digital learning tools andplatforms, radically altering the way learning is consumed by employees.

As employee upskilling and reskilling have become crucial, it’s clear that adopting a digital-focussed learning strategy to improve the value of learning is the way forward. In the era of Netflix, learners too are more aware of their learning needs and demand hyper-personalized learning experiences. Personalized learning was already popular even before Covid with a Brandon Hall Group survey revealing that 95% of companies that deliver personalized learning reported an improvement in individual performance. The recent changes have reiterated the need for personalized to a much larger extent. 

Of course, organizations have recognized this need and no more wish to overload learners with learning material that’s not relevant to them. There has been an accelerated shift to personalized training programs that offer “just in time” learning, giving learners exactly what they need and nothing more or nothing less. Needless to say, the learning tools to deploy these kinds of learning experiences too have evolved.  

What’s also clear isthat the right learn-tech that supports the application of new skills, andcreates demonstrable business impact, is essential to create engaging learning programs.Technology matters significantly when it comes to employees taking advantage ofyour L&D programs and developing themselves, especially at a time when Zoomfatigue and work burnout are real issues.

I had the amazing opportunityto interact with L&D experts during a recent webinar titled ‘AdoptingDigital-First Learning to Maximize Skilling Impact’ that explored the digitaltransformation of L&D and discussed the value of digital learning, themodern LMS, and strategies for the future.

In the hour-longsession, we discussed some interesting points like:

• Need for digital-first learning in the new normal

• Creating engaging training programs using right learn-tech

• Leveraging data & learning analytics to drive digital adoption

• Digital learning strategies for the future

Check out the webinar here: