2018 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards: Three Cheers for Three Awards!


We are proud to announce that UpsideLMS is amongst the leading winners at the coveted 2018 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards, earning not one, not two, but three honors!It is moments like these that make being a part of UpsideLMS all the more exciting. It’s always an honor to be recognized for your hard work, but to win THREE Brandon Hall Excellence awards is a different feeling altogether.The elite Brandon Hall Group recently announced their 2018 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards, where UpsideLMS was recognized as a distinguished winner of two Silver awards for Learning Management Technology (LMT) and Learning Management Technology in Compliance Training (in association with Manzanillo International Terminal, Panama), and a Bronze award for excellence in Mobile Learning Technology.The three awards are undoubtedly a perfect way to end the year and an excellent testimony to UpsideLMS’ expertise in tech-enabled learning solutions and mobility solutions. Over the years, UpsideLMS has received numerous awards from eminent organizations, and this recent win is a clear indicator that we have achieved another major milestone in our journey towards being the best in business.Everyone at UpsideLMS was full of excitement and looking forward to celebrate the win. So, we celebrated, and how! All the teams came together to enjoy the memorable win and congratulated each others’ efforts in taking UpsideLMS to where it stands today, which is right at the top.Here are a few memorable moments from our celebration.

memorable moments from our celebration